I am convinced that God singles us out


…for ridiculous things.

Ever wondered why some people ‘get it easy’ in life? while in truth no one gets and ‘easy’ life per se, some do get it much easier than others. We have different afflictions, some to greater degrees than others, different prayer lives, faiths, capabilities etc. God knowing all this before we were born singles us out.

And some of us have to deal with the utmost **** throughout life, whilst others get lesser **** to deal with. And then we wonder why some people committ suicide, it’s not only that they couldn’t deal with the ‘cross’ that God gave them, it’s that it was too great in degree than some n00b across the street.

There is a sense of equality in democratic system to an extent, or at least governments strive to achieve that, but in a pure monarchy such things don’t really exist. What is God essentially? People kid themselves if they think there is equality amongst people when it comes to God. Much suffering exists solely because of this, we are called to do things that we don’t WANT to do, whilst others get it easy in life (relatively). Life is unfair because God made it that way, he doesn’t like some people.


Oh dear!! You just repeated how I felt sometime ago. I looked at my neighbor and thought the same, they seemed to have it all, money, kids that were mannerly, an idyllic existence. My illusion was shattered when their son shot himself in the head after telling my son he didn’t want to get old. My perception of my “bad luck” changed. We may think other people have a good time or have it easy, but we just don’t know.

I don’t believe that God singles us out. Yes, he gave us to our parents, but he also gave us free will. The freedom to do right or wrong, his will or our own. Remember St Augustine’s prayer, “Lord, make me chaste, but not yet”. Of course God asks us to do things we don’t want to do. The pleasures of the flesh always seem more attractive than the will of God.

In times of trouble in my life, which are many, I remind myself that the road to heaven is hard, the road to hell is smooth and straight. I hope with Gods grace to see his face when I die and look upon these trials as part of that hard crooked road.

It’s well worth getting your hand on Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality. I know it’s been a help to me


By such reasoning, God must have really disliked His only Son. Look at the unfair burden He made Him endure. What was Jesus example to follow? He willing shouldered His burden for people like you and me who contrive such disrepect for God in His wisdom.


not to mention that those people who may seem to ‘live the life’ aren’t guarenteed to be happy. They may be going through a great inner struggle, or are using such expenses to mask their own afflictions.

Moreover, they are focusing on earthly things, not heavenly things. Christ came into this world in poverty, which taught us, right from the very start, to desire heaven and not earth. :wink:

Plus it may be that they have gone through their suffering, and are now enjoying the rewards of peace. :o

My two cents.


That God “doesn’t like some people” is untrue. God loves every soul with an infinite love, and when He allows trials and suffering, it is for our own good in the long run. See Romans 8:28-39.


Harmony, I am sad if you are finding life painful, and perhaps feeling very discouraged on your own behalf and others.

I don’t know many people who haven’t been through tough stuff sooner or later. What may be one person’s problem or set of problems or deprivations may seem like nothing to another person, but maybe it’s the most they can handle. That’s something we don’t always realise. As St Therese said, a thimble that is filled to the brim is as full as a bucket that is filled to the brim. So it is with pain and sorrow. That’s why Prayer Warriors treat a post about what might seem to others an inconsequential request as kindly as a request that is overwhelming.

Shall we say that God does not like the priest Fr Thomas who was brutally tortured and murdered in India this week? All the good priest wanted to do was say the second Mass of his weekend.

Many of our hardships and sorrows have directly or indirectly come from either our own choices (of marriage partners for instance) or the choices and actions of other humans, not God. Even some of our illness comes from choices we’ve made or that other humans have heaped on us. A great many of our problems are caused by humans, ourselves, those we love, those we interact with in some way, our diet, our attitudes that lead to stress overload or loneliness or addiction, our education or lack of it, and even by our governments. Sometime things come out of the blue, things that seem terribly unjust, like a baby’s illness.

I was shocked when I learned that as a newborn in the labour ward I was dropped on the floor from arm height by a young nurse. I hadn’t done anything wrong, but my first experience of life was shock, pain, and screaming. Should I wonder if God loved this little baby, to have allowed that. It was the lack of skill of the nurse. I happen to know that God loves me, though I don’t always know that, so I understand.

I can scream blue murder for quite a number of things in my life, but I can traces back many of them to a point of choice…of mine or another person in my life. I can identify with so many of the difficulties and sadnesses of those who post in our forums, simply because I’ve been through that or something like that.

Maybe something in you is silently screaming, and there’s no answer to the pain. So I can only say to your brain ,which is cold comfort, that yes God does love each of us…but it sure would be nice if He were sometimes a little more obvious! Sometimes it is simply with the kindness of others that God expresses love.

I know that none of this helps while you’re feeling that lonely kind of intense pain and disappointment that you don’t know how to express.

A big hug from across the ocean, Trishie


Mother Teresa said that she knew that God doesn’t give more [suffering] to us than we can handle - with His help. Then said that she wished He didn’t trust her so much.:smiley:

Seriously, you are in my prayers, Harmony!


God doesn’t give the same gifts or the same afflictions to everyone. As St. Therese said, God doesn’t give us all equal glory in heaven either. We have as much as we can handle.

I think that suffering, while it is hard and seems nearly impossible sometimes, is really a gift from God. It is what leads us to give up on relying on our own strength, and turn towards God for help. It also makes us more patient and loving towards our neighbors and unites us with Christ. God bless. You’ll be in my prayers.

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