I am creating an Evangelization Text with a goal of sharing with Every American Parish... Interested in Sharing?

:)Dear People,
I compiled over 160 question and answers to the most common questions that a non-Catholic might ask a Catholic, I also compiled 11 Seminar/ Sunday Bulletin inserts on important topics, I want to create a Parish Evangelization text for everyone !
I haven’t seen a Catholic Church that didn’t have empty seats that we can work to fill with people !

I sent the present version to our Beloved Cardinal Frances George in Chicago.
If you want to contribute to this effort, please email me at dominskis@gmail.com

God bless you and thank you !

Stan Dominski
volunteer apologist


are you looking for funders or writers?

And did you sent the material to Cardinal George for Imprimatur or just to see if he’d respond?

Sounds like a great effort!

Dear People,

I sent an email To one of the people working at Envoy magazine to give to Patrick Madrid. . Patrick has a Masters Degree in Theology. I believe that our Catholic Holy Heirarchy would appreciate someone involved in the task of an Evangelization Education Text being done by someone with those qualifications. I am also hoping to meet with Steve Ray at the Saint Louis Church in Austin in June. Steve Ray and Patrick Madrid
are 2 of the best. If you have any suggestions, we would really like to hear from you !

God bless you !

Stan Dominski
volunteer apologist
512 389 3724:)

hi stan

how are you planning on doing this in every american parish?
i can’t even get my pastor to put evangelization texts into our bulletin.

I think that the Catholic Church Hierarchy prefers someone with a masters degree in Theology for the task. I wrote to Patrick Madrid yesterday because he has a Masters Degree in Theology and is well respected in the field.

God bless you all


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