I am dating a Baptist girl whose father is a preacher

Since you asked, :wink: I collected some answers to questions that you surely will be asked. I tried to collect these by subject. If/when you get the question, if you don’t feel comfortable giving the answer yourself, then maybe she would like to read the answer for herself. Bottom line, Don’t let her make you her project. Know your faith

The Protestant Achilles’ Heel (sola scriptura) Protestants base everything on this concept

Born Again - The Bible Way (baptism)

The Necessity of Baptism

Infant Baptism

Baptism: Immersion Only?

Is Purgatory in the Bible?

Are Good Works Necessary for Salvation?

Is There Really “No Salvation Outside the Catholic Church?”

Justification: Process or One-Time Deal?

Assurance of Salvation?

“Are You Saved?” If Only!

How to Talk with Fundamentalists

So Catholics Worship Statues?

Praying to the Saints

Is There a Queen in the Kingdom of Heaven?

Mary: Ever Virgin

How We Know Mary Was a Perpetual Virgin

Mary Matters

Mary: Mother of God

One Mediator Between God and Men

Call No Man “Father”?

The Forgiveness of Sins

Is Confession in Scripture?

Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest? 8 min video

Confessing to a Priest


Bishop, Priest, and Deacon

Mortal and Venial Sin?

Is it OK for a Catholic to attend Protestant church services?

The Institution of the Mass

The Sacrifice of the Mass

Goooooood luck :cool:

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