I am done with Dear Abby!

i am done with Dear Abby! uexpress.com/dearabby/

First was a question about a in law who had a sex change. Supposely the women wasn’t suppose to “know” that that her brother-in-law use to be a women. The women wanted to know what to tell her future kids about their fathers “Sister” in the childhood pictures. abby told her

“DEAR ANONYMOUS: Please understand, if you don’t already, that a transgendered person is someone who has been born in a body of the wrong sex. In other words, your brother-in-law was always a boy, but trapped in a female body.
My advice is to continue assembling the albums, and if anyone asks about the “little girl” in the pictures, to relax and tell the person, “That’s Uncle John when he was young. He may have looked like a girl then, but it really was Uncle John.” Then turn the page and change the subject.”
:eek: WHAT!!!:eek:


“Trapped” is pregnant and un married. This is what abby told her "If he refuses, well, then you will have to decide whether to carry the baby to term, to place it for adoption, or whether you want to raise the baby "

Today’s column is the final straw for me! I am done with her…

Abby is an arch-liberal with no love for the Church. All she has to offer her readers is the stale “wisdom of the world” answers that are currently popular, and sadly nothing more. I haven’t read her since she openly attacked Church teaching a few years ago. There are far better columnists to read, IMHO.

I quit reading that column long ago. Actually, I used to read Ann Landers. She was definitely on the liberal side of things, but nowhere near this bad. The woman who took over (I believe is the daughter of “dear abbey”) is infuriating. I only had to read her first few columns before I was done. :mad:


I had no idea. I don’t read her—now there’s no reason to start.

For the most part all of those advice columns are only useful for wrapping the fish bones.

Abbey and Ann were sisters.

I thought both Abby and Ann Landers died.

One did; but I believe the other was still alive on July 4th (that was Pauline and Esther’s birthday; the sisters were twins) this year as Abby published a ‘Happy Birthday’ notice that day–can’t remember if it was to ‘mom’ or to ‘aunt’ though.

Abigail Van Buren was the pen name for Pauline Phillips, who turned her column over to her daughter, Jeanne Phillips. Pauline is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Their difference in viewpoint on issues related to abortion is probably explained by their jewish faith.
My understanding (through only cursory research) is that the Jewish faith does not view abortion the same way as the Catholic faith currently does. As the Jewish faith does not have the heirarchy as does the Catholic Church, there is not a uniform view on this issue. Some Orthodox authorities hold that abortion is strictly prohibited. Where permitted, each case must be decided by a rabbi in accordance with Jewish law. A difference in the two faiths is that in the Jewish faith, although the fetus has great value as a potential human life, it gains full human status at birth only.

When you consider the source, it is not surprising that this advice is being given. The moral to the story, I guess, is to be sure you know who you’re getting advice from.

And what is to be done with someone who was born with female organs outside but male on the inside. An operation one way or the other should be permitted. Otherwise the person has nothing to look forward to. Let’s not be so quick to judge.

That is not at all the same thing as a normal, healthy male or female mutilating his/her body in order to accommodate an unhealthy psyche.

Those born hermaphrodites ought to be left to develop and grow into their predominant sex and then an operation can be done to remove those organs they no longer need. There is nothing in Church teaching I am aware of that would prevent that sort of operation.

There is much research to be done in this area. If there are such things as hermaphrodites, which we agree there are, then there can possibly be chemical makeups in the brain that truly make a man desire to be a woman or vice versa, some to just be attracted to their own gender, et al. Personally I don’t think any of them are doing it out of vengeance against God.

Doesn’t make it less of a sin though, does it?

Abby (especially the daughter) has been a staunch liberal on social issues from the get-go. The only time I read her is when I want confirmation that the culture today really is as bad as I think it is.

The real gender determinant: XX or XY? Genetic testing will tell you.

I miss Ann Landers. Even when she had the wrong end of the proverbial stick, she’d let someone else write in and correct her – and it was published. But Abby’s tone was always more…hurtful, somehow.

But Ann Landers, as I recall (1996), made a flippant crack at the JPII once, saying, “Of course, he’s a Polack. They’re very antiwomen.” In a carefully worded statement, Landers later apologized for the crack about the Pope, but made no direct apology for her snide comment about the Polish people.

And much genetic testing on some people has come up with an extra chromosome. To deny that is simply denying scientific truth. Does it justify behavior? That I don’t claim. But it does justify getting off the backs of these people who have the attractions or feel different than us.

Do you know the meaning of the extra chromosome? I really don’t believe it can be used to justify sinful behavior.

Don’t you care about their souls? They are in need of salvation as well.

Sex is more complicated than XX or XY. For example, there are numerous women who are actually XY and don’t know. A number of Olympic athletes have had this condition and never knew it until they were tested when they were about to compete in the Olympics. They look like females and feel like females, but they have a Y chromosome rather than two Xs.

Then there is Klinefelter’s syndrome (XXY) and XYY syndrome, as well as a few other rare conditions such as XX males.

Then there are the people who appear to have normal chromosomes, but have simply always felt that they were a woman trapped in a man’s body, or vice versa. What causes this isn’t fully understood, but it is very real and definitely not a choice these people make. If you think it’s sinful to have surgery to deal with that situation, then I guess you’re certainly free to think that, but I don’t think you know what it’s like to actually feel the way these people do.

Some are XXY.

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