I am done with Dear Abby!

Well, I leran a lot from these forums.

I found the following links pertaining to “the XY woman.”



No, that’s not what I think—but you do realize there’s an entire, decadent industry dedicated to taking chromosomally-normal men and surgically mutilating them.

You can do a search on John Money to start.

Let’s get back on topic, please: Dear Abby.

This other discussion about XXY and such belongs in a different forum. You are welcome to start a thread in** Moral Theology** to continue it there.

Is that the liberal’s answer to a reason for transgender ?? Trapped inside a wrong body!

What a whacko !:eek:

What’s wrong using a reason like mental instability or the like ??

Oh I know.

It’s not the feel-good-kinda thingy. It’s what the liberals call hate crime ! :bigyikes:

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