I am going to be baptized, but there is one problem

I am going to be baptized, only my father is having me baptized at a nondenom church. As of now, I don’t have a choice. Are nondenominational baptisms valid, especially since I am not sure of the theology of the church in question? I am guessing they take a baptist approach to baptism. Help me out here :frowning_face:

How old are you?

I am 16. (10 char.)

How can your father force you to be baptized if you don’t want to?


He’s the spiritual head of the household as well as me being a minor. I don’t have a choice. I could try to convince him to do otherwise, but defending my own position is hard enough. For as long as I look like I don’t know what I’m talking about, I HAVE to do what he says.

Is it trinitarian baptism

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As far as I know, it is. The pastor has mentioned what sounded like the Trinity before.

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Thank you, I will read this over.

If it is trinitarian in form with running water, it’s a baptism the Catholic Church accepts I believe. We could tag a few people who would know for sure


I have one more question. Will this baptism be in anyway less than a Catholic baptism? Will baptismal gifts be lacking or deficient? Or will it be just like being baptized by a Catholic priest if it is valid?

Nondenom is hard to comment on because there’s no official, denomination-wide teaching. The two things to pay attention to are

  1. Is water used? (likely)
  2. Is it in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? (might be)

The latter is where a nondenom church is more likely to falter, since some just say “God” or “Jesus”, not using the Trinitarian formula.

So long as those two are followed, the baptism will be valid and will count when seeking to join the Catholic Church. You also want to hold onto your baptismal certificate if given one, but that isn’t required. It just makes things a bit more convenient.

I’m pretty sure running water isn’t required. It just needs to be water.


Thank you! I will be sure to have my certificate put away in a file organizer somewhere.

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Yes, they are. I am giving you the readers digest version here but, if you desire to be in full communion with the church, your baptism in the Non denom church WILL be valid and the parish where you join will have you make a profession of faith.

As a former Youth Minister, we had quite a few former youth who had been baptized in another denomination. The pastor had them do their profession of faith prior to their first communion so it was all taken care of before confirmation.


Thank you! I noticed this is your first time posting. Lurker or new to the community?

New. :slight_smile: thanks for asking. I hope that you embrace your baptism and not view it as a punishment. In 20 yrs of youth ministry I saw too many kids go through the motions of confirmation. Some said they were excited, some didnt want it but did it to make family happy. I understand your position and urge you to continue praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you

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Thank you! I’m going to try to look on the brighter side. I’m going to be made a new creature! Now is not the time to lament!

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All good answers! Also, remember, baptism is just the beginning of a journey that will take you places you cannot even imagine. Be attentive to the proddings of The Holy Spirit! Enjoy the ride!

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Speak privately to the pastor. He will not want to baptize someone who is not willing to be baptized.


I will be baptized if I must, I would just rather not in a nondenom church. As long as the baptism is valid, I think I’ll live. I will talk to him though when I get the chance.

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