I am honored that God chose a priest to be my close friend

Never in a million years, did I ever think that one of my closest friends would be a priest! I always thought of priests as super human, floating above the rest of us :o

I met Fr. 3.5 years ago when pregnant for dd. He was the pastor at my church. I kept bumping into him and I really began to feel that God was pushing me to him, but I didn’t know why. Fr. was always super friendly to me and he made me feel very welcome.

A year later, I was hit with sadness b/c of my very difficult and sad childhood. My daughter reminded me of myself and I kept wondering why anyone would want to harm a beautiful child. I really needed someone to turn to. I was cointinuously bumping into Fr., so I turned to him. He was very kind and listened to me with such love and empathy. He gave me excellent advice and it really touched me. I had never had a man display such love towards me before like a brother. It made me feel very special b/c I knew that day that I had made a very good friend. Now I understood why God had kept pushing me towards this priest.

I confessed a very big sin to my priest friend that day and it allowed me to feel very close to God. Through this priest, I am able to feel very close to God. I love being with him b/c whenever I am with him, I feel touched by God.

I noticed for a few weeks after our first one on one meeting, that he began avoiding me. He became very cautious of me for a little while and I understood that he just wanted to make sure that our friendship would remain appropriate. It made me love him even more.

Now, 2 years later, I visit my priest friend with my kids at his house and I am so glad that I listened to God and befriended this priest. His friendship is good for my soul. My husband also loves him too and we have our friend over for dinner every now and then.

I can see why women fall in-love with priests b/c their holiness is so beautiful. It’s this beauty that we must admire and respect. I am in love with this priest friend like he’s my brother. I would do anything for him b/c he’s such a great friend to me. His holiness is so beautiful and I am so thankful that I can be a part of that.

I am also so thankful that my kids will also be close to my priest friend b/c it will help them develop their faith. They will know that there are wonderful priests out there that are full of love and holiness.

I am honored that God chose this man to be my very good friend.

iam glad that the priest exercised caution. its fine for you to be able to confide in the priest. but be cautious because some could misconstrue your friendship for something else, even if it is not what others think it is. just be very careful so as not to give the message of scandal. iam not saying it would be a scandal, but others could see it that way. always send the right message, especially to those you know. priests are very holy, and they do things to avoid a scandal, and it sounds like this priests caution was a good move. just be careful, and always put God and His true church first and foremost. a priest should be one you can confide in, and think of as a friend but that is as far as it goes.

of course! i couldn’t think of it any other way!

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