I am interested in becoming a Catholic

I will first and foremost say I was raised a Baptist. And as you guys probably know, Baptist’s hate the Catholic Church. I have lived my whole life looking at Catholics as if they were false and hopeless people. I even went to Baptist College. I preached against Catholics, talked bad against Catholics and in it all I felt empty about it. After searching the Scriptures I have realized that just by saying “I am saved because I have asked Jesus to save me by his grace” is sort of phony. It says faith without works is dead. If I am not doing anything for God by serving him through others, then my faith can not be real. If I continue in the same sins week after weak, how can my faith be real? When I see true Catholics I see people helping one another and praying for one another, this is not the type of Catholic I was told about. I was told and indoctinated that Catholics worship Mary, I have found that that is not so. I was taught and told that Catholics believe purely that works will take them to heaven, that is not so. I have been told that the Pope was worshipped as God by Catholics, that is not so. I feel that I have been given a false presentation of what Catholics are, I first want to ask forgiveness from those who I have labled as damned souls, when who am I to judge and by speaking hatred toward Catholics. I am now interested in taking steps on becoming Catholic now that I realize that the Catholic Faith is a faith that is truth when it is not distorted.

Having an interest is just not good enough! :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I should rephrase that :slight_smile:

First of all, welcome. I think you’ll find that you’re in company here, as many of us (myself included) are converts to the faith. If you haven’t done so already, your first steps should be to find a local parish and inquire with them about their RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. It’s the class that all converts, regardless of faith backgrounds must go through in order to be confirmed. Don’t worry, though. It’s a no-pressure situation, designed to teach you what the Church professes. You can progress through the classes at whatever speed makes you comfortable. God bless you on your journey!



Welcome to CAF! :slight_smile: How wonderful it is to learn of your change of heart - surely the movement of the Holy Spirit. You say you have preached against Catholicism; are/were you a minister in your denomination? I hope you find your time at CAF very helpful to your growth in understanding of the Church.

I was a Nursing Home Pastor when for three years with a very large congregation as well as a Baptist Public School Bible Group Instructor. Preaching against Catholisism was my bread and butter, and it breaks my heart that I have done so. If Paul could overcome so can I.

That was then, this is now! Welcome Home! The Holy Spirit is calling you into the Catholic Church. You should contact the nearest Catholic church and make an appoint to speak with the pastor. He will guide you into the next phase of your faith journey. :signofcross:

Congadulations on coming this far! If you’re serious about this (not doubting you are, mind) you’ve got a lot further to go; but it’ll be great!

Congrats on your path thus far~!!! I converted in 2007 from a very strong baptist and evangelical background. I used to “shred” the beliefs of my “heretical catholic” friends without realizing that I was embarrassing myself and being somewhat hypocritical by considering them “heretical” (maybe ironic is a better word than hypocritical). I know what hurdles you are stepping over, and having an interest in the Church is like that starting pistol before a race. It is enough that your interest brought you here, no matter what. The rest will come in time.

Hope to see you on the swim team some day!!!

Dominus vobiscum


May your interest become a burning desire. As for forgiveness, remember the words of Our Lord’s Prayer. “As we forgive those who have trespassed against us”.:thumbsup:

Hi, :slight_smile: I went through a similar journey. I wasn’t raised Protestant but I attended a Protestant church for some time. I was also told, and believed, that Catholics believe in salvation by works, worship Mary, worship statues, the Pope, etc. Through reading the Catechism and Catholic books and talking to knowledgeable Catholics, I found that none of these things are true. We believe in salvation by grace through “faith working in love” : ie: faith lived out… faith + works. (as it says in James 2 ;))… and we honour Mary but don’t worship her, worship is for God alone. You’re also right that we don’t think the Pope is God… rather he’s the successor of St Peter. When I first found out this information, I was shocked. I kept on reading about it and praying and eventually I became Catholic (just this Easter :)) now I’m very glad I did!

That’s wonderful that you’re looking into the Catholic faith :slight_smile: keep on learning about it… if you ever come across a book by Scott Hahn called “Rome Sweet Home”, - you might like it :slight_smile: it’s his conversion story. He’s a well known apologist in the Church… and he used to be a Protestant minister who was very anti-Catholic.

I think a good idea would probably be to find a parish and talk to the priest there… if you have Catholic friends, maybe you can ask them if they know a parish in the area :slight_smile: if not, try to find the more orthodox/traditional one cause Catholic teachings are better represented there. Usually when people become Catholic, they go through a program called RCIA, but that’s not always necessary…

God bless you on your journey :slight_smile:

I’ve preached against Catholicism too… it makes me really sad but I also think God has a sense of humour :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Welcome ‘Back’! Even those of us that were born and raised ‘cradle Catholics’ require constant conversion back to the lives that Christ intends for us to live.:slight_smile:

We’re all on the road to Emmaus - the journey never ends til we breath our last.

I’m a former Baptist also. I made the regrettable mistake for so many years of allowing others to form my opinions by not challenging what they said or attempting to find out if what they are saying is actually true.

When I took an honest look at the Catholic Church, I found it to be more than I ever could have hoped for! It truly is the “Fullness of Faith”!

Welcome to CAF. If you watch EWTN, there is a program called “The Journey Home”. Many Protestant preachers and pastors have converted to Catholics. And they found good places to make a living in the Catholic world.

God bless your journey!

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