I am leaving

The forums for a while for some much needed time off. I just wanted to say you can private message me and stuff. I will probably be back but I don’t now when.

Sorry, I did not have a chance to meet you PattyPryor. But I just got back from several months off.

But I pray the Lord refreshes your soul and brings peace to your mind during your time away:)

If you must go, I wish you the best.
If you feel forced to go, I ask you to stay.:slight_smile:

And since I went and read one of your threads, enjoy your church hopping.

Since it appears from that thread, that you are a strong Catholic, you may want to drop in on Wednesday night services. They tend to be like Big bible studies and you can get a better idea of what a denomination believes in a shorter period of time. I have a particular fondness for the Nazarene Church, Love those Wesleyans!

God Bless,

keep us updated with the church hopping when you come back. i’d love to hear about your experiences!

:slight_smile: I understand.

If you decide to blog your church hopping, let us know.

I want to keep my mouth shut but I can’t…

Take care.:smiley:

ummm ok. You want to know why I am leaving? My dad was diagnosed with cancer and is starting treatments. I’m not going to be on the boards as much. Sometimes you are a very rude person third. Grow up a bit- not everyone leaves because of theology. :shrug:

I’ll pray for your dad and your family. Take care.

You and your Dad are in our prayers, as well as the rest of your family.

If you need to talk/vent about it, feel free. We are here.

God Bless

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