I am looking for a Catholic comic (cartoon). Can you help? (pics included)


Greetings, everyone. This is my first post here.

I am a Hungarian Catholic, and I need some help in finding something. I have been looking for a comic I read in my childhood.

The front page is lost, and with it, the editorial info (who made it, when, publisher name, etc). The text is in Hungarian, but Im 100% sure it was made in the Anglosphere. It was made with top-notch quality

I have two books: the book of Maccabees , and the Babilonian exile, both missing front and end pages.

I have tried looking for it in google search, in vain.

Here are some pics from the book of Maccabbees. Where there are quotes from scripture, it is the Hungarian Catholic version. There has to be an English version of it, Im sure.

The system says “new users cant upload images”, so im sharing them on imgur.

The Maccebes-book spends some time with Daniel, interestingly enough:

Daniel’s apocalyptic vision:

Can you help?


Could it be “The Picture Bible” by Iva Roth and Andre le Blanc? It was written in the 1978.

Looks similar could it be yours?


Looks indeed somewhat similar. It seems to me that the style of my books is more sophisticated, higher quality. So i think it is different from mine.

It would help if some pages of my book would turn up. That would settle it.


Or this one:
Classic Illustrated - Book of Maccabees


About what year were you reading this Bible comic as a child? That might help to place it in time. Unfortunately, there are a great many Bible comics out there - they were quite popular up through the early 1970s. (I’m actually looking for the one that used to run in the paper I read as a child, but haven’t identified it yet.)


Late 80-s, early 90-s. Im sure it was a translation, so as for the original, who knows.

By the way: you can view the pictures i posterd in the article, cant you?


It doesnt allow me to open this link. It says: "403 Forbidden’.

As for your second link: Thank you. Not that one, either.


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