I am looking for a good "lives of the saints" type book

It’s for a protestant friend of mine.

I’m looking for something with good descriptions yet some good pictures as well.

Any recommendations?

Well, the gold standard is Butler’s Lives of the Saints. I would recommended the concise and updated version.

Most Saints pre-date photography, so the best “pictures” you could have are paintings and drawings (often created by artists who had no actual idea what the person looked like).

The Golden Legend (Parts I & Ii) is very good…no pics though.
“Miracles of the Saints” by Rodney Charles, is a very good “Saint of the Day” type book. Published by 1st World Publishing, (no year stated) but no pics.

"LIVES OF THE SAINTS With Reflections for Every Day in the Year, Published 2009 is compiled from Butler’s book, but again, no pics.

There are several “modern day” saint books which have lots of photos; one is “Modern Saints, Their Lives and Faces” by Ann Ball, but I haven’t read it, so I cant vouch for its content.

I would recommend Father James Martin’s My Life with the Saints. It is not just accounts of various saints but an account of how the saints affected Father Martin’s spiritual odyssey. I have given it to several relatives and friends as gifts and all have loved it.

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