I am new here and a practicing Catholic

Hi, I am a practicing catholic. I was born Catholic years past Vatican II, but reconverted when I hit my early 30s. Now I am more serious about my faith and striving to learn as much as I can because I didn’t have the privilege to attend Catholic School due to physical disabilities.

I am just a practicing Catholic, meaning I am trying to get good at it. I joined here because I always have questions about stuff and I am always running into conflicts within Catholic Church between Catholics who are very, very traditional and oppose the Mass in the Ordinary Form and those who don’t. I am hoping that this is not a place like that. I have been criticized for being an Extraordinary Minister of Communion because I am not a priest and thus profane the Lord by touching Him.

While doing that, I am probably the only female in my parish that wears a head covering during Mass and adoration.

I do like tradition and would love if my parish offered the extraordinary form of the Mass, but I don’t oppose it in the Ordinary form either. I don’t reject Vatican II, nor do I think it’s a heresy, nor do I deny that there are liturgical abuses in the church today.

It’s just hard to get the whole truth when you have two groups of Catholics attacking each other. I just want to make sure I am doing everything “right” and according to very traditional Catholics, I am not. So this leaves me feeling very confused. Some have even told me that the ordinary form of the Mass is not even valid and is illicit, which I disagree with.


I still like the fact that woman wear the veil in church. As far as being a “practicing Catholic, meaning I am trying to get good at it.” Let the Lord lead you. Being good and faithful just means you want to form a close relationship with our Lord, right? Wisdom opens its doors to everyone who allows Jesus to enter into their life to make a change.

Welcome and I am glad you came! This is a wonderful forum to find answers.


Welcome to CAF Veritas😇 Be free, you aren’t doing anything against the faith. In heaven the divine liturgy will be perfect and there will be one family of God.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and reassure


I veil. I was the only one in our church but now another lady has started veiling🙏


First off welcome.

Secondly, these forums are no different to every day life. All types come here - Catholic, Protestants, Lutherans, Eastern Catholics, Anglicans, etc etc and including atheists.

Every Catholic is still ‘practicing’ at being a good Catholic and the majority will be doing so for all their lives.

EMHC are permitted in the OF of the Mass - so ignore those who criticize you - you aren’t doing anything wrong/sinful etc. Yes, a priests hands are consecrated at his ordination, the paten and chalice are also consecrated - all come into contact with the Body and Blood of Christ. But with that said, the Church has given permission for EMHC to be instituted for the purpose of distributing Holy Communion, and I’m sure they were well aware of the above, when granting this.

Wearing a veil or not is entirely up to you and whether you feel God is wanting this for you, and if you feel this is right for you. I have seen some ladies wearing a veil at OF Masses and only a few who wear veils at EF Masses at my parish.

That’s a good balanced approach. :smiley:

You’re not alone there. Stick to the documents which you can find on the Vatican website, the Catechism of The Catholic Church and these will be your most surest guides.

Ask away.

Just ignore those comments.


This forum is where people express their opinions. Few are experts and many are not Catholics. Within the Catholic Church, there is a wide range of opinions ranging from the ultra-pious to the out-and-out heretical. Take any answers here with a large pinch of salt. The apologetics section of this site is where the experts live.

It sounds like you perform your duties as an EMHC reverently.

My opinion is that a strict dress code must be enforced for those serving as EMHCs. For both men and women. Men shouldn’t look like slobs. Women should dress modest.

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It sounds like you perform your duties as an EMHC reverently.

My opinion is that a strict dress code must be enforced for those serving as EMHCs. For both men and women. Men shouldn’t look like slobs. Women should dress modest.

Yes, I believe proper dress code is necessary for church period. EMHCs in my parish usually dress nicely but some of the regular attendees could dress a bit better. I don’t like seeing people in shorts and t-shirts and I think shoulders should be covered in church. When my sister got married, she wore a strapless gown and we had to wear strapless gowns. I hated it because I felt like an airplane who was about to lose its luggage!

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Hugs. God loves you because he died for all of our sins, including ours and those of our enemies.

What can you do?
Attend mass weekly. Hopefully your church has daily mass.

Continue as an extraordinary minister of holy communion. If the heckling is too much, consider starting a new at a new parish. It’s great that you like the tridentine mass and have that available.

Maybe you should become a lector if you’re able to add that responsibility. Don’t be afraid of stage fright: it’s normal. If you stumble, we’re taught to keep going.

What you can do?
Ask for peace
Pray for those whom don’t see as you do, including fasting for them and for clarity of thought and proper discernment.

Get a Bible from a used book store or app on your phone. It should be either a ESV or KJB protestant bible or either a Douray Rheims Catholic Bible or New American Bible or RSV on the EWTN app. Try to not use a CPDV or NIV bibles.

Go to regular confession.

Three reasons I became a lector:
I enjoy sharing the Word.
I needed to dress better at mass.
I needed to learn to be on time for mass

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Welcome! You are well advised to disregard those who believe themselves to be smarter than Pope and Council. I believe that they are ego-driven, which is always and everywhere a bad sign. The evil one is the spirit of division, and he sows the seeds of division in the only places that matter to him: the areas of truth and unity.

As I see it, listening to “pre” this or “traditional” that is equal to focusing on the ditch while you drive. Is that where you want to arrive?

Remember if visiting this site keeps you from preforming you duties or robs your sense of peace…Take a long break from it.

Make time for prayer prior to spending any time on this site.
Make time for reading the Bible before spending time here.
If possible go to daily Mass, Adoration and spiritual reading before this site.
Make time for your family before spending time here.
Make time for acts of charity, perhaps volunteering before spending time here.

Now I am gone from the forum for a while, taking my own advice!


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