I am new to the catholic faith please help


I am new to the catholic faith. I have no clue where to begin or what to do. All help would be appreciated.


Start by praying a rosary. Your heart will be opened.


Like INP said, pray first and often. Everyone is different, but I began with watching Bishop Fulton Sheen on You Tube, then went to books, a very good one being “Catholicism for Dummies”.


It should begin @bbeam37 with what you do in your parish church .

What do you think of the parish you live in ?


Go to Mass, pray, and talk to your Priest, he will guide you and help.

God bless you.


Have you spoken to your parish priest?


are you attending RCIA

start by reading the 4 Gospels , in the New Testament in the Bible


I learned a lot about Catholicism from Catholic radio.


The Compendium of the Catechism is very approachable. Then there is the full Catechism, both are here:


Sister Mary Jesus Agreda was a 17th Century Spanish nun who received spiritual revelations about Mary and Jesus, both on earth and in heaven, including the creation of the angels and the fall of lucifer and his renegade band of angels. They are presented here for you, in “The Mystical City of God”. While not biblical, these revelations did receive the Imprimatur of The Church in 1949. An Imprimatur (from Latin, “let it be printed”) is an official declaration from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church that a literary or similar work is free from error in matters of Catholic doctrine and morals, and hence acceptable reading for faithful Catholics. Below is a partial list of events that you might find interesting reading, if you want to know “the rest of the story”.

might find interesting reading, if you want to know “the rest of the story”.

The Creation of the Angels and the Fall of lucifer

The Creation of Man and His Fall

The Immaculate Conception

The Childhood of Mary

Mary’s Presentation in the Temple

Mary’s Espousal to Joseph

The Incarnation of the Son of God

The Visitation

St. Joseph Resolves to Leave Mary

The Birth of Jesus

The Adoration of the Magi

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

The Flight into Egypt

The Death of St. Joseph

The Baptism of Christ and Mary’s Doings

The Transfiguration the the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

The Last Supper

The Prayer in Gethsemane and How Mary Joined in

Jesus before Pilate The Scourging and the Crowning with Thorns

The Way of the Cross

The Crucifixion

The Victory of Christ over Hell

The Resurrection of Christ

The Ascension of Christ

The Descent of the Holy Ghost

Baptism of the Converts and the First Mass

Death of Stephen and the Creed

The Conversion of St. Paul

St. Gabriel Announces the Death of Mary

The Burial and the Assumption of Mary

The Coronation of Mary

The Entire Contents of the City of God


are you a convert? from what faith? I am a convert so I will try and help!


‘Struck by Lightning’ by Gloria Polo

(Is a book I would recommend, she is an aetheist who was struck by lightning and saw Heaven, Purgatory, Hell, saw Jesus, experienced her judgement, and got a second chance by Jesus when doctor’s revived her).
Excellent book about how to live a catholic life :slight_smile:

It is available on amazon.com for ebook download onto the kindle app, or paperback book purchase.
It is also available online to read legally for free.


Another book I personally felt very helpful was:
‘The Forty Dreams of Saint John Bosco’ (book)

‘Get us Out of Here,’ by Niki Eltz (book)

Both very eye opening on how the Catholic Sacraments, and Prayer are very important


A book which explains everything the catholic church teaches, and about the Divine Mercy devotion, is:


Only 4usd.

And has sold millions of copies worldWide


There are many suggestions here, from private devotions to apologetic.

I’d suggest you meet with your priest, begin with something that is digestible like “Catholicism for Dummies” or Trent Horn’s “Why We’re Catholic”.

You might look at a subscription to Formed.org to watch the Symbalon videos.


Perhaps we could be more helpful if we knew just what you meant by “being new” to the church. Are you starting to look into the church, are you in RCIA to learn what the church is? That would tell us where to start with our suggestions.

God bless you.


Go to Catholic Mass on Sundays/ Saturday evenings.
(But do not go up to receive Communion Holy Bread until you are a Baptised Catholic, this is forbidden)

And join a RCIA programme near you (process to
Become a catholic. )
And ask a local catholic priest how to become a catholic, tell him if you are a baptised christian or not,
What religion are you currently?

What faith are you currently?
Were you baptised?


Call the Church office in your Parish and set up an appt. with the Priest. Explain that you may need a lengthy appt. because you are completely new to the Catholic Faith and have a lot to discuss with Father. He will lead you from there.


First pray to Jesus Christ for help and support.
Then talk to your parish priest.
Attend Mass. Pray the Rosary.
You will be led in the right direction.


I would second the comment to read the Gospels. Being a Catholic is ultimately to become more Christ-like. The Holy Spirit will guide you if you read your Bible daily. Even if it’s for five to ten minutes, hearing the words of Jesus really brings the faith alive.

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