I am not sure what I should do, my life is a mess?


I will try very carefully not to offend with anything I have to say but Im going to admit Im scared to death of being hurt or not believed. I’m caught between light and darkness basically.

I don’t know if anyone may have heard of this, but I have identified as something called ‘otherkin’ for most of my adult life.

Basically it means that you do not believe that your soul is completely human or from this plane of existence.

Now I know this is not something in the bible or church teachings, and I am going to explain basically what my life is like and has been like for 20 years.

I was sexually assaulted and ever since then I have felt like I am a different person. I can speak languages I shouldnt know, I sometimes can read peoples thoughts, and I scare people in the church I grew up in. They call me possessed.

Whatever it is, I am not like other people. I feel a pull of something evil inside me, and the pull of something decisively good. I have been baptized and received the other sacraments, but I am not normal.

I dont know who to talk to about this and its just the tip of the iceberg.

Please can anyone give some solid advice?


Are you in therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist?


I have a psychiatrist, a neurologist, and I have talked a bit with an excorcist.


All good steps in the right direction. Keep praying. It’s not uncommon to have psychological and physiological effects as a result of trauma.

God bless you.


This is far more likely to be a mental health issue rather than a supernatural one and I wish you luck working through your trauma. I would defiantly start with a psychiatrist.


Continue with all three.


Continue with seeing professionals and priests, and start praying Catholic deliverance prayers and the Our Lady of knots Novena.


I would suggest that you discuss this with a health care professional

You have my prayers.


You suffered a trauma, and your brain is trying its best to cope with it. Unfortunately, we can’t always control the way our brains cope. It’s good to hear that you’re getting help, you should keep up with it.


I respectfully say that I do not agree that this is all a mental health problem Mental illnesses do not make people able to read peoples thoughts, speak in languages they have never heard, or move objects with their mind. I can do this and others have witnessed it. I think its demons.


No, but they can make you think you can. You aren’t actually doing any of that, although I’m sure that’s how you perceive things.


You may simply be extremely sensitive to trauma in other people…especially, those whose traumas are similar to yours.
I hope that your attacker was brought to justice. But, if not, you may feel a strong need for closure, that can feel like you’re actually reading minds. So, you say this assault took place about twenty years ago? I would first try and get justice, or at least closure, in that situation.
Is the exorcist you are speaking to a Priest? Is he recognized as such in your diocese? If not, I would be a bit wary. Also, don’t go to anyone who charges exorbitant amounts, or anything like that. If you don’t know who has authority, call the office of the Bishop of your diocese. The name of the recognized excorcist(s) should be on file.

And…pray! Prayer often helps, when other things do not. Take care, and God Bless!


Perhaps you might also talk to your priest if you are Catholic.


I see that everyone here does not believe me, so I am going to go elsewhere for help. Disbelief and telling me Im nuts will accomplish nothing. but thanks anyway.


Are you Catholic? Are you practicing, going to Confession and Communion?


If you’re so confident that it’s demonic, see an exorcist. However, it’s unlikely he’ll help you until a psychiatrist has evaluated you.


To all. Nichole is gone. I don’t really understand where she said we don’t believe her. I mean, none of the posters are first hand familiar with the situation, just to what she has said. And everyone offered what they could given that no one actually knows her and her situation. I think this is a case where everyone who responded gave the best advice they could, but no one told her exactly what she wanted to hear.
I hope she finds her answers elsewhere. Let’s move on.


Exactly. You didn’t mention a priest. Please, please get yourself under the care of a priest with experience of such things! Your local parish priest should be able to recommend someone.

Then, that priest will contact the local exorcist if he thinks you need it. The exorcist will want to have you evaluated by mental health professionals first before he proceeds…that is normal procedure.

No one is trying to give you the run around, and we’re not calling you a liar or not taking you seriously. We are not able to give you the spiritual advice you need.

If you think you are possessed, there are proper channels to talk to and a proper procedure for you to follow.

First things first, talk to your local priest in an appointment and explain it all to him. He will help you with the next steps.

God bless.


I hope she gets some help.

It’s unfortunate that she thinks our suggestions about talking to a priest or a mental health professional automatically means we think she’s nuts. That isn’t the case at all.



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