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but I have a question. I am a major NASCAR fan and I have relized that one of the sponsors on my favorite drivers car supports planned parent hood. Do I need to stop rooting for him? I cant find anything saying if he does or not. Where can I find out about what nascar drivers support? I have looked at a couple of the drivers foundations and they dont say anything about supportsing planed parent hood or anything.

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If it’s only one of the sponsors that supports it I don’t think you have to stop rooting for the driver. If it were Planned Parenthood sponsoring the driver than I’d say yes. If you judged the drivers on the ethics of everyone their sponsors are associated with, I think you’d have to root for them all to lose if that were possible.


thanks for the reply. You are right because all the drivers have multi sponsors. And the sponsor I was refering to is Pepsi co. I do wish I could find out what drivers are pro life


And, rooting for someone does not put money into anyone’s coffers. If you think that being a fan means buying the products of a sponsor, then I guess you might want to know what you’re buying… but NASCAR sponsors are huge multi-nationals with their fingers in all sorts of unsavory pies.


if you adopt scrupolosity on this issue you must follow the consequences.

you cannot shop in any store that sells this product
you cannot eat in any restaurant that sells this product
you cannot keep as friends any people that purchase this product
you cannot attend a sporting event at a stadium that advertises this product
you cannot attend a theater that sells this product
if you pull into a parking lot of a business and see the truck carrying this product you must leave immediately and never patronize that business

furthermore you must constantly check websites that track these things to make sure your judgement of this company and each and every one of its employees, officers and agents is accurate

and if you mean to make your boycott effective, you must inform the company of the reasons for it, and hope they are impressed by your decision.

you must, in addition, apply this standard in the same rigidity to every company who in any remote way cooperates with evil, assuming you have means to discover it:
hires illegal aliens
exploits its workers here or abroad
impacts the environment adversely in producing its wares
promotes or enables a GL agenda
cheats on its taxes or otherwise uses illegal accounting practices

If you are prepared to conduct every decision of your life as a consumer and sports fan by these standards, and you can morally justify that scrupulosity go for it, but you will allow little time for ordinary duties of daily life in so doing.



I see your point. And them sponsoring the drivers can be good. The more money they put into sponsoring a driver the less money they have to put into planned parent hood lol


I’m kind of a minor NASCAR fan and have to ask, which driver/team is it?


You can find out each driver’s campaign contributions at newsmeat. That should give you an indication.


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