I am praying for conversion of those who attack the priesthood, and criticize our priests, bishops, and Pope


I wanted to ask if there are any apostolates that focus on praying for the protection and blessing of our priests, bishops, and Pope. I have noticed a pernicious hostility towards the priesthood, and I think it is the fundamental basis for Satan’s attacks on the Church. He wants us to focus on praying for everyone and everything else but our already ordained priests, bishops, and Pope. But I wanted to encourage everyone to place prayers for the blessing and help for all priests who are already ordained on the top of your list. This is more important than praying for vocations for the priesthood, because it is the priests who are already ordained who are going to draw vocations in, not the laity. There is so much dissent and disobedience against priests, and this is what is destroying the Church. Priests are the chosen representatives of Christ, in alter Christi, another Christ. No one else can claim such a thing about themselves. No one else can give us Christ in the Eucharist, no one else can absolve us of our sins in the name of Jesus. Without holy ordained priests, there is no Church, and we will have Hell on earth very quickly. Priests are the backbone of the Church. I have been having some aching fatigue in my upper back muscles, and it made me think of this idea that our priests are the backbone of the mystical body of Christ. If you paralyze the spine, you cripple the whole body. Pray for your own needs less and pray for those of our priests, bishops, and Pope more. Christ will take care of you through His priests if you take care of His priests through prayer.


I can think of a couple.

*]There’s a devotion called Spiritual Motherhood for Priests that encourages eucharist adoration, prayers and sacrifice for priests.
*]The Spiritual Motherhood for Priests blog has a lot of resources for praying for priests.
*]The Confraternity of St. Peter prays specifically for the priests of the FSSP.
*]I just ordered a free book on prayers for priests called “Praying for our Priests” this week.
*]A particular apostolate of the Carmelite prayer life is praying for priests. St. Teresa of Avila, founder of the Order of Discalced Carmelites, said to " … be occupied in prayer for those who are defenders of the Church and for preachers and learned men who protect her from attack … " (Way of Perfection 1:2)

Lord, please grant contrition and pardon for sins to those individuals who attack the priesthood and criticize our priests, bishops and Pope. May priests, bishops and our Pope have our prayers and support, and be protected from all harm. Help our priests, bishops and Pope to be worthy ministers of the sacraments, and help them to be holy and pure in all aspects of their lives. May people look upon the holy priesthood as a very special vocation from God and one that must be respected and honored by every one of us. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.

I am leaving CAF over these issues. There is as I see it a huge difference between attcking the priesthood per se and stating facts re eg clergy abuse.

I came back here after some weeks of illness and found I have been given infraction for stating that some priests have committed crimes.

That is not attacking anything; simply facing terrible facts. I see no anti-catholic state in the media, simply the facts.

We have to be like Caesare wife. above reproach and we are not, not any of us, and there is not humility anywhere that I can see in Holy Mother Church any more.

So I am in my old age asking my Jesus what to do. Because in this situation when someone can be condemend for speaking simply factual truth, if this is what is expected by being catholic, then it seems time to leave the Church that has been my entire life,

Had it not been for folk here on CAF I would not have come to this decision. It is what has b een said and done here that has made me see that if there is no true facing of truth then there is no place here for truth . So there is no freedom.

So I go into the wilderness now and I know that there will be Jesus in solitude and jesus is my life and my love and my heart

Thank you all for enabling me to do this.

Blessings and peace, such as I have this night… .

Thanks for your prayers; church need them.

God Bless You.


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