I am really confused by something if this is sin

Well yeah i do feel confused here and there because i learned here how i have to be fully aware what i am doing but what about such case

I do know what i am doing but for purpose to delete picture example pornoraphy in another post i learned from this that it isnt sin because your toughs is to delete picture and not to stare at it or think lustfull!

but here s the problem what if you see more clothed picture and so on and you are like decading should i delete not delete you look at picture your mind is stuck shut down how do you answer to this?

and last thing whould be what s the diffrence between when i look at picture for purpose for art and when you basically look at picture for reason what cause sin? is there diffrence or both are same

because how can person learn anatomy if you dont learn how lines goes do you have an advice for me how to be safe here because i look at lines and got recommended to look at real people because i can learn better this way and sorry for so much questions this

just bother me so i can know that i am not doing something wrong i suffer from ocd and learning disablity where i forget alot i am doing i whould aprishiate your help here

Are you getting help for your OCD?

You should really talk to your Priest. Coming here and asking questions about whether X is a sin is typically a sign of scrupulosity and that’s not something we can help with. You need proper offline guidance from people trained to help you. Please speak to your Priest.

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No i cant get help because its expensive sadly i have no support plus i can try talk to priest about this but i dont know how should i approach them little unconfortable you know should i ask them afther mass or something and

Do you maybe know if is ok to look at picture but for art reason to study anatomy?

It is ok to study nudes for anatomy or art purposes.

Are you studying anatomy or art?

One way to approach your priest might be to wait until everyone has left Mass, and then ask him if he can help you with some problems related to porn. Ask him if you can talk to him for a few minutes right there, or if you may call him for an appointment.

He may also be able to help you get some help for your OCD, so mention that as well.

But definitely, talking with a knowledgeable person in real life will help you a lot more than discussing it with random strangers on the internet!

Talk to your priest. If you’re not comfortable approaching him, just shoot him an email. But this not the place to work out these questions.

Tagging @edward_george1 / Batpriest for some clerical wisdom.

Sorry for late reply and yes i study anatomy on the internet and i look at picture but it is either clothed or nude but for art purpose actually (hobby)

what interest me on person is not their body but the arististic wiev lines i even look at every angle at person line if you get me i mean

there s also deviant art where it has stock photos for art study to that s why i asked if is ok to use it for study purpose at body if that s a sin and now i got answer this means i can like stare at drawing

I give you example i go google page or on deviantart picture what i look is the person and then follow lines how they should go not like doing this for my satisfaction just to be clear i did for that before but no more i learned my lesson now just for learning art no more than this and thanks for answering me

There s also also something for learning art where it shows male and female pictures for learning art anatomy but they are like wood like something pose maniac if you know that site?

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