I am sick with the stomach flu


Hi everyone. I am sick with the stomach flu. I have the diarrhea, the vomiting, and the cramping all in one. Please pray for my speedy recovery.


Poor thing. I dread the stomach flu. I’ll take ten colds to be spared it. Make sure to drink, even if it comes right back up. If your still so ill after 24-36 hours, seek medical help immediately. Total dehydration can occur in just 48-72 hours, especially when sick. Prayers for you. Take good care of yourself.


Praying for you and for a quick recovery. Like carryingmycross said, its very important to prevent dehydration, preferably with any drinks containing electrolytes or glucose. Hope you feel better!


Father of Love and Mercy through the prayers of Jesus, Your Divine Son, please may the inexpressible groanings of the Holy Spirit heal Your child, Holly. Help her to relate all she goes through with the cross and to carry it just as our Lord did. Please heal her and all the ill throughout the world so they may celebrate Jesus’ birth in full spirit and to be ever more ready to be prepared for when He comes again.
Amen, Amen


Thanks everyone. I’ve been sipping on gatorade to help keep myself hydrated. It’s the only thing I can keep down. Anyway, thanks for your prayers.


Praying for your speedy recovery right now.

God Bless you,



Praying for your speedy recovery.




Oh I’ve been there had one that had all those systems plus urination, runny nose, ear wax pouring out, sweating, tears. AKA if there was a way out something was coming out.

Prayers for your recovery.


Well everyone, I am much better today. I haven’t thrown up at all today and the diarrhea is pretty much gone. I feel a lot better too. Thank you all so much for your prayers. I think I just had a 24 hour virus.


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