I am so disgusted!


I usually don’t complain about things, but right now I am so disgusted! My nephew, who is 30 years old and should know better, has gotten another girlfriend pregnant and is living with her and has no plans to marry in the near future. He has a 2-year old daughter by a previous girlfriend whom he has custody of 4 days a week (he does take good care of her and pays child support, etc.) and now he has gone and done this again (of course I know it takes two to tango). What is worse, is that he has persuaded this girl to quit her job and take care of his daughter and the new baby, when it comes, and she did it!!

I cannot believe the stupidity of this all, from even a purely secular view point. Why would a woman with a good job in these tough economic times quit it to take care of another woman’s child with no promise to marry from the guy? I can see right now that we are going to have another unwed mother with no job in the near future, because he is not a trustworthy person. And his little girl is going to be soooo confused, with two “mommies” in her life. And why would he even ask her to do such a thing? Plus, his job is not very high-paying, although he has health insurance and his children will be covered, that is, if he doesn’t lose it, like so many have recently.

My family is very upset about all this, and my poor 83 year old mother is having conniptions. What is wrong with some people? This is insane! No morals, no values, no common sense, just live for today without any thought of consequences. And I know this behavior is very common these days in society. I shudder for the children and their future in this society.

I guess I just needed to vent. And I ask for prayers for this situation and these children. And prayers for my nephew and the girl. Sometimes I get so disheartened when I see what is going on in our society, wondering where it is headed.


Hello! I read your post and wanted you to know that alot of people do not grow up as fast as we would like them to. it hurts when there are children involved more so, because they get confused so easily. He evidently has a plan, and you don’t know what that plan is and she is part of it. If you go to them when they are that age, you might get whip lash. If you do nothing you will feel more obligated to do just that. I say let’s start with prayer: Dear heavenly Father i come to you in the precious name of Jesus the Messiah, to lead this man and woman to their sences, and for the sake of these children involved you will lead, guide, direct, and touch the hearts of stone and turn them into flesh. that they will have less selfishness,and more selflessness, and try to do what is right for the children and themselves, for the sake of their eternal lifes
Our Father, which art in heaven , hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespassers, as we
forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


I absolutely understand how you feel…and your family is in my prayers. Come and vent anytime…


Are you sure that he hasn’t made a commitment to her, even if they have no plans to marry? It sounds to me like she thinks he has. People do have committed relationships who don’t marry; while it’s not ideal from my point of view, commitment and marriage do not always go hand in hand.


Sadly, this is too true. Its sad that marriage has come to a point where people don’t think its necessary. I know a couple who have been together nearly 20 years, have 5 kids together, but refuse to get married. Both have divorced parents-his both divorced multiple times. They are actually afraid of marriage.

CB–maybe you could try to find some good. At least he is trying to be a responsible and involved father. So many men (and women) just run away from such responsibilities. And while I don’t think I would quit my job without the legal protection of marriage, she obviously feels he is trustworthy. And who can argue that it is better for both children to have a loving parent at home vs daycare? You can keep praying that he will come to understanding. Its good that you can still find it in your heart to love and care for these family members. And from your post I think that you do care, otherwise you wouldn’t be so upset by this less than perfect situation. I feel you want what is best for all involved.


I’m so sorry for your family.

Some people take longer to grow up and mature. It’s frustrating when the rest of us know what the truth is, while others are simply blind.


…i wish you pardon and peace…


…Original sin…Satan…Temptation…Fallen Human Nature…that is what is wrong with all of us

I will pray for you, since you are obviously heartbroken over this situation and you have a great deal of love for your family.

Try as best as you can to not be “shocked” by the sins of others. After all, we are all sinners and capable of great sins. Do your best to feel sympathy for this family instead of disgust. I know you are sad for the children, but the adults need sympathy as well. Feel sympathy that they have not been blessed by God’s most beautiful grace as much as you have been blessed. Jesus loves them, Jesus died for them and he does not want this for their lives.

I used to be quite frustrated at the sins of some of my family members. It took all my energy to spend time with them because they frustrated me so much! Then, with God’s help I was able to look at them with eyes of sorrow instead of eyes of irritation. It changed my life. Now that I am looking at them as lost souls I find myself wanting to pray for them more and reach out to them more. I no longer get angry at their actions but I pray for Jesus to touch them. This is not easy but I strongly suggest it for people because it brings great peace.

I will pray for you, I hope this helps a little.


Carolyn, I’m so sorry that your family is going through this. :console: My heart goes out especially to your elderly mother. I have an 87 year old mother, myself. So I know the feeling of wanting to do everything you can, to make this time in their lives as easy and as peaceful as possible.

Sadly, it is a tragic “sign” of the times. So many young people are so lost, because they are being misled and lied to by the media and the so-called “entertainment” industry. They learn from these sources that ANYTHING goes. :nope:

I will keep all of you in my prayers, dear soul. God bless.


“What is wrong with some people? This is insane! No morals, no values, no common sense, just live for today without any thought of consequences. And I know this behavior is very common these days in society. I shudder for the children and their future in this society.”

Due to the breakup of the traditional family, morality is in complete free fall. You are right that the collapse in basic common sense is breathtaking. I see it all over, even among younger christians who should know better. Like breaking laws of nature, breaking moral law has broad consequences.

It’s shocking, but an irreversible blindness has set in to the culture, and so it will get even worse before it gets better. The 10 to 15 year outlook is one of the State picking up the tab and taxing everyone most of their wages to pay for all the reckless living.

But the money will run out in a quasi-socialist economic system, and the social order will simply cave in under its own weight, and a more orderly society will conquer and take over.

The only thing God’s people can do now is (1) build strong local faith communities based on time-tested principles, enabling the Church to weather the storm or (2) unite all the good people to a common action against a clear common enemy and for a common future.


Can we please stop with the comments about how it takes some people longer to grow up?

The guy is THIRTY! 3-0


Your picture is spooky, it don’t look like Jesus.


I’m fairly sure it’s a colorized reproduction of the image on the Shroud of Turin. So it actually DOES look like Jesus. I’m a believer in the Shroud.

BTW, what on Earth does your comment have to do with the thread?


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