I am so stupid...so so so stupid....

As some of you know, if you have read my thread, my husband and I are currently separated however, we are working on our marriage. Well, my husband originally told me on Wednesday that he was going to stay from Friday to Monday. Our weekend was going great until this afternoon. He let me down, I mean he really let me down. After our outing, out of no where he tells me he is going to leave this afternoon because he does not feel comfortable leaving his belongings unattended for a long period of time. Mind you, he is renting a room in a home and has roommates.He does not understand how he let me down. He told me this “I communicated with you, you have asked that of me.” Are you serious? Yes, you have communicated with me and you have also let me down and HURT ME. He has asked me to trust him, to take his word, I have asked him to show me through his actions that he is invested in our marriage, to be consistent and so on. I’m not sure how much longer I can take. How much longer I can hold on. I am stupid for believing my husband. I have given everything I have in our marriage. I have respected my husband’s wishes and his feelings.I’m wondering if this is God showing me that my husband is not fully invested in our marriage. I’m wondering if God is giving me a sign of some sort. Help!:frowning:

a very hard situation to be in, but all anyone can do on an internet forum is give you their opinion, when the situation either calls for marrage counseling by a licensed professional or meeting with your parish priest to speak in private for discerning the situation, or perhaps both. Other than those suggestions and being suggested to pray more, there isn’t much anyone can really suggest other than own personal opinion on the matter.

Although I am not an MFCC, I do not understand here… What exactly, did he do wrong?

When you get a chance please read the OP’s other threads. They will give you a better idea as to what is going on.

I’m praying for your yjenkins.

Do try to reconcile with him as much as possible.

God puts up with our faults daily.

I would confront him again, explain your side of it. Maybe see a priest with him.

I will offer up my rosaries for you both.

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