I am so thankful!


Yesterday, dd15 has started her RCIA program! Last year she bluntly said no way, no how. And now look what happened! The power of prayer is huge.

I am extremely thankful to my parish, as they have actually created a special program for her, as she aged out of the children’s program. But none of us were comfortable being with the adults either.

So our youth ministry coordinator took initiative and approached our pastors and Sr. about creating something for her! And then approached our archdiocese and archbishop and they approved it. not only did they approve it, they have created it to be extremely flexible to accommodate her high school schedule.

Considering we are in a parish of 5000 families, that they are making this work for our family, and only 1 teen, is a great gift, and I’m very overwhelmed that they would do it for us.

I’ve been in a very small parish, and was invisible, which really, was fine by me. How on earth it came to be that I am known by so many at the parish I’ll never know, as it is well out of my comfort zone. I am the perpetual wall flower in most groups. They haven’t allowed it here. I’m always being introduced, called over to meet some one. It’s ironic, as I truly avoid these types of situations everywhere else.

I am so very blessed to have found this parish community! And one that my family has been accepted into so easily for where we are in our faith journey, and we are growing to love so much! We are thriving. We always leave full of joy, and look forward to returning.

3 of my family have now joined me there, only 2 left to go, there are mountains to climb with these 2, but I believe prayer and patience will overcome all of it!


You are blessed!!!:slight_smile:


Your story warmed my heart and gave it a big smile.:thumbsup:


Me too! Great!


Heart warming joy. St Monica is happy. Be vigilant - evil always follows good seeking to destroy. Not to put a wet blanket on the joy, but in my lowly experience moments of great joy have preceeded great temptations or my failures. But I thank God for the movement towards Him.


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