I am the worst sinner!

I have gone 18 days without succumbing to masturbation. That has been the longest I have done in a long time. The only thing is that I did SUCCUMB TO IT after 18 days! I know it’s a mortal sin and I don’t know why I did it! The build up of stress was annoying me so much and I couldn’t get the lust away from me! I feel so horrible for committing this act, because I swore to God I would never commit it again, but alas I have :frowning:

I have been very depressed about breaking my promise to God. I have nearly cried over this. I immediately prayed the Rosary and I’m going to confession in a couple days. I’m going to fast for a couple weeks to make up for my broken promise to God. I am such a horrible sinner. Why is it that I always fall to temptation and hurt God? Why can’t I just be at peace!!!???

Dear Royalaml,

In the Eastern Church, before we go to receive the Eucharist, each of us confesses that we are “the greatest of sinners” - so you are not alone!

Many have struggled with this sin and in today’s culture it is very difficult to overcome. Don’t despair - here is an idea: plan to go to confession once a week (perhaps on Saturday when lots of churches have it available), and if you fall during the week, do just what you have done - pray the Rosary and abstain from Communion till you can confess.

And be aware you probably WILL fall again - but again, don’t despair when it happens - just continue your regimen of prayer and regular confession.

God bless!

Because you did not prepare yourself to not fall into the sin again after you confessed.

I’m going to post an old post with some tips.

God bless

It’s a very common sin …any priest will tell you.

Our society is so highly sexed and offers us ways to tap into lust on tv, movies, internet, our phones secretly and has become a breeding ground perfect for someone to fall into these types of sins and persist in them until they become habit forming and leaving the victim wondering “what the heck happend! I’m in chains!”

Know its a very common sin…and a very EASY sin to fall into slavery for because it’s so connected with our physical bodies workings.

You fall into it over and over because a few reasons:

  1. It may take some time…but if you are serious, you should see the time range between sins getting farther apart.

2.you have not made a sincere act of willing to change your life…meaning u are willing to maintain some changes:

a, staying away from pornographic sources ( you know where they are ! …if that means putting content blockers on tv or internet…or even being willing to get rid of them altogether…then that’s what it will take or you should not be willing to go to confession until you are willing to do so.

  1. You are probably supressing your pent up energy and feelings and desires and not redeeming them. You need to understand why your body acts the way it does. I suggest looking into “Theology of the body” …there is a reason God made us the way He did and why we have the desires we do! The devil has twisted a beautiful thing within you! Here’s the good news…if you permit God to untwist it…you can focus and direct this great power within you and your spirituality will soar! You will have an amazing spiritual growth spurt fighting and overcoming this!


Christopher west teaches about theology of the body…HES AWSOME! This website has LOADS of info on it. There is a 20$ DVD called “winning the battle for sexual purity” BUY IT! I’ve also found a 10 CD set breaking down the popes teaching on theology of the body for like 3$…it’s amazing… if its something that interests you…I suggest finding it.

Some suggestions:

a GOOD confession…one at which you are willing to rework your entire life. When you get home…you get rid of everything that tempts you (because this sin begins at the level of thought).

This is going to sound silly …but trust me. How you live your daily life needs to change: If you have a messy room/ home…clean and organize it, start keeping track of appointments on a planner, plan out your day and plan a day in which you can keep busy (lazy, sloppy and unorganized life sets u up to fall especially when you have lots of time on your hands ) .

Exercise! believe it or not…exercise burns off lots of our pent up energies

Lastly…start to practice fasting. If you can begin to permit your will to tell the body what to do…your will will get stronger and your body will listen to you more.

If you can start studying theology of the body so you understand why we have the urges and what they mean…the untwisting can begin (along with the sacraments and DAILY praying about this) and use my above suggestions… I can gurantee results.

Remember this is going to be a process…AND it’s a process that will allow you to come closer to God through all of it. Every day at the begining of your day say a little prayer asking God to give you strength and to conqure your temptations and to not treat his daughters in such a demeaning way and to help purify your heart. And thank him every night and rededicate your entire body , and feelings, thoughts to His service.

Oh, also…when temptations come… try saying a prayer like this: "Lord I offer this temptation to you and I’m willing to suffer it in atonement for my sins and for the conversion of all my brothers and sister caught in this trap of slavery "

lol, its spiritual jujitsu…you’re taking the devils temptation and causing him to lose souls!

Good luck to you . If you need to talk…don’t hesitate!

You feel bad because you KNOW that you sinned, you also know that God forgives sinners. If you did not feel guilty or upset about your sin you would be unloving So you see you are a good person that loves God and you feel bad when you disappoint him. We have all been in your position, so you are not the only sinner. Some, murder, abuse, steal, rape, hate, and on and on. Everyone has weaknesses just fight everyday. Read the lives of the saints, say the Stations of the Cross, teach CCD classes, join Church groups, stay busy with a hobby, volunteer at hospitals, schools, soup kitchens. Just keep busy and give to others. Get on your knees and beg God to help you every time you are
tempted, exercise, go to bed early. When evil thoughts come to you, it is the evil one coming after your soul, say a prayer and laugh at him, make the Sign of the Cross, and he will flee, he is a coward and he wants you to be a coward also. Tell him that you are a soldier of Christ, and you will crush him and survive his evil plan. Eternity with God in heaven is yours. Win this war for the goodness of Gods greatness. May Gods love and peace be yours forever

Repentance is a good thing… and so is contrition. But remember to have hope and trust in God’s mercy (without any presumption or not caring if you go back into the sin) - or else we won’t have strength to persevere! Remember God takes us back and is faithful even when we are not faithful. You might find this encouraging :slight_smile: (there’s a whole book called Way of Divine Love, from which these quotes are taken. You might also be interested in Divine Mercy in My Soul and the Divine Mercy devotion!) tanbooks.com/doct/divine_mercy.htm have trust in God, because the more we trust, the more graces we reveive (as Our Lord told St Faustina). Trust in His Mercy, and try again.

Here’s an encouraging story… angelfire.com/ga/riggs/JoyInSorrow/GoodFighter.html (keep in mind that repentance involves not wanting to sin again! but if we intend not to sin, and yet still sin, we need to not give up and keep on coming back and not despair).

But pray that you might not sin in this way again. Ask Our Lady for help, she really helps us to obtain purity. And you might be interested also in the St Philomena cord: saintphilomena.com/thesaint.htm St Philomena can help with purity as well, and temptations.

I know it can be very discouraging to always fall into the same sins, but instead of feeling angry at yourself or disappointed, accept that we are weak and sinful, and seek greater contrition by thinking of Jesus’ sufferings for our sins. Focus on Him more. And focus on His Mercy too so you don’t despair.

God bless!

I’m sorry you feel so bad about this. You aren’t the worst sinner. You aren’t even in the top 1 million.

Just do the best you can, and stop worrying about it so much. Go be kind to someone you think is a real jerk. Go give up something you want and give the money to the poor. Go be friendly to someone who seems outcast.

Pretty sure God is way less concerned with your private sex life than you are.

With all due respect I disagree with this. There are sexual sins, and sins take us away from God. He wishes us to live in purity. Nothing is hidden from God… but He is merciful and wants to forgive us and help us to live in His grace. He wants to transform us. :slight_smile:

I suggest you pray more. Also did you think the devil would just let you go? No he will always be there tempting you but for this you should rejoice because when you resist his temptation you please God. Do not worry it takes awhile to get fight off this sin. trust me I know I have gone through it to.

I understand where you are coming from, but we need to be careful not to be too dismissive. Since God is concerned primarily with our salvation and our ‘private’ sex lives can involve mortal sin which endangers our salvation, God is most certainly concerned about them. But as I think you are getting to, we must not despair, for God loves us and is glad we feel remorse over our sins and desire to do better. :slight_smile:

With all the mass murderers, child abusers and fat people in super tight lycra ( :wink: ) out there, I’m going to have to agree that you are not the worst.

It is a habit you have gotten into, and just as you built up the habit over time, so, if you persevere, you will find it easier to resist over time, with the help of much prayer and the practical hints the wise posters here have given you.

Not to say you might not relapse, but be sure to get to confession ASAP if you do.

I hate to say it, but join the club. Your son isn’t any worse than everyone else’s. But here is the amazing news! Jesus died so that even your addiction to masturbation can be forgiven. I know exactly what you are going through, but keep praying and fasting and asking God to grant you the strength to overcome your weaknesses. You’ll get there eventually.:slight_smile:

Pray to him, and ask him to help you get free of the chains of sin, he will surely help you, the Creator’s power is so powerful he helped me break off a marijuana addiction and masturbation/porn addiction, being with him is much better than porn, marijuana or the self lust of masturbation, masturbation kills the spirit and the relationship with the all powerful creator which is not good, he cares about us and he’s willing to help us, even if you sin at your worst but the point is not to sin and really to overcome what the human body wants SEX, MONEY, DRUGS, FAME, all this stuff is NOT WORTH IT, the Creators relationship and our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, they are the most beautiful thing in this world worth more than billions never-mind completely PRICELESS, they are the true hidden treasure in this world, I still struggle with some sins like looking at woman’s parts and occasionally cussing, but I will pray to the creator and soon I will be completely free from the chains of sins, just pray, pray, pray, dedicated your life to him, be good, be humble, lust and sin are no match for the Creator’s love and power, I hope you really overcome this, :slight_smile: .

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