I am thinking of becoming Baptist "UPDATE"

I wanted to thank you all for your responses. I had no idea what my thread would cause. I am sorry that some of you well meaning people got into arguments with eachother. I took the time and read every single reply. Some of them made me angry, and some of them made me cry. I decided to pray on it. and you know what? I realized why I was angry. because it is TRUTH. When I tell my 3 yr old son he can not climb on the counter because he will hurt himself he gets angry and cries and my answer to him is because I am your mommy and I know what is best for you. and I realized so does God. Some of the remarks of me going to hell or not acting Catholic etc upset me beacuse it was true. and sometimes u need to get angry to realize things. I also was quick at first to defend myself ( my initial reaction when I was reading them ) and realized I am defending it because I believe in it.
Also, I spoke with someone from the church I visited and they told em I could no longer pray prey the Rosary because it is just repition, i think useless repeition was the term used but i am not 100% correct, and I was flabbergasted because the Rosary is one of the strongest prayers against the Devil. I was also told that Jesus “paid it foward” on the cross so we are all going to heaven anyway…doesnt that give a free pass to do whatever you want if your gaurenteed a spot anyway? that would mean Hitler is sitting next to Mother Theresa.
Lastly, while praying the Rosary night before last I heard a small voice saying my name. I thought it was my son but then I knew it was now. It very distinctly told me it was not His will for me to leave the church and that Satan under the guile of other religions still " adoring Jesus" had led meany well meaning people away, but that He was the one true church and that it was His will that I suffer like this and that His reason for my suffering would be understood at a later time. I started crying and asked for forgivness. He told me to go to confession and sin no more. My fiance has agreed to wait for sex. and I feel 100000000 times better!!!
Thank you so much for all your support and prayers. I was so lost and was led to this board and really really am greatful for all your responses.

God Bless all of you!:slight_smile:

Nicole, I am crying. Praise God.

Thank you Nicole.

We do not know Hitler is in Hell or not. He could’ve repented in the last very second of his breath. God is God of mercy. However, if one dies not in the state of grace and rejects God’s mercy, s/he chooses Hell himself. But who wants to be so sinful and wait until the last second to repent; Satan surely works very hard at the last second to make him turn away from God too!

Keep on praying the Rosary!

The more you come to know your faith in the Catholic church, the more you love the Lord.

I am very joyful with you.

WOW! That is powerful.

You have helped many people.:thumbsup:

Congratulations on continuing to ponder the matter until you arrived at an answer that met your needs.

Best of luck in the future,


Amen! I’ll keep you in my prayers as you journey closer and closer to your faith and love of God!

sorry that kinda struck me funny. i could only imagine the conversation they would have :smiley:

Glad you got things sorted out Nicole :slight_smile:

Your post should be framed in gold and kept so that all may see it. God Bless

Same here!!!

Amazing testimony! Thank you so much for sharing your story! It truly touched my heart, and I’m sure MANY others today.

God bless you:)

Me too. Print your own post out and re-read it when ever you are feeling frustrated. Your situation calls for more patience and faith than most of us are called to give. You are strong and blessed.

Praying your home situation is resolved soon and your marriage blessed. :gopray:


My souls rejoices as you have understood the meaning and importance of the Church in your life. May you continue to have hapiness in your life as you walk ever more closer to the God who makes all things right in His eyes.

May God continue to watch over you and respond to your earnest prayers is my prayer.

God Bless You.

All I have to say is WOW!!!

I’m so happy for you and continue to pray the rosary, It’s the best weapon we have against the devil.

Glory to God, who in His Mercy deals with us kindly! :slight_smile:

Yeyyy!!! Another knock out to the devil!!!
:whackadoo: :tada: :signofcross: :nunchuk:
Keep praying ! !

hi nicole - thank you for sharing your experience w/ the Lord. a book i can recommend for you to read is “Surprised by Truth” authored by Patrick Madrid. it’s a powerful testimonies of non-Catholics who were led to the faith by the Holy Spirit. the Catholic Church has the fullness of truth and leaving it for another is like allowing yourself to be handicapped. it’s sad but that happened to my sister who joined sda as she has been married to one for 25 yrs. we’re praying for her to see the light and come back w/ her husband to the true Church Jesus Christ founded.:slight_smile:
God bless.

Everyone says that prayer is a powerful thing, but sometimes we don’t realize how powerful it is, until we actually listen to/for the answer.

You are to be commended for actually listening to the answer that God gave you.
God Bless.

Nicole, thank you so much for offering us this update. God truly has touched you with His mercy and wisdom.

i am happy for you that you seem to have a clear thought about which way to go. i am jealous that God shows you the way and not showing me…! :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry to hijack your post but just want to say true christians (catholic or protestants or whatever who truly believe with the mind, the heart and the soul that Jesus Christ died for us on the cross and Jesus is GOD) would not use Jesus has died for us on cross as an excuse to sin. if they do, maybe they are not true christians, they dont know what the Bible is saying or they are very very weak and lost at that moment. but we as a human would not know what is going on in a person’s heart, only God.

again, i am so glad for you. God does really love you.

Thank you so much for your update!

I am glad that you are such an avid prayer warrior who uses the Rosary. It made this all so much easier for you. You know the power of Christ through the Rosary! And to be told you could not use this awesome tool against Satan, I am sure made this clearer, quicker than anything else.

I pray that God will give a speedy resolution to your annulment so you can once again receive communion!!!

God Bless,

I wanted to let u know u just need to listen. God is there. I heard my name being called but once I responded the conversation I had with God was very diff. then a regular one. If i thought of a Q it was instantly answered in my head with no what if and or buts about it. and the words were very authoritive and words i wouldnt normally use so i know they were just like my own answers in my head. also the goos bumps i experienced were unlike anyother. hang in there and silently listen next time ur praying u will here His word! good luck!~
God Bless!

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