I am very sorry


As some of you may know I was received into the Church through RCIA. I became very bitter over some things I grew to not agree with. I blamed God and the Church for this bitterness and anger. I became an athiest. I have been truly feeling God pulling on my heart lately. Today I called my parish and scheduled a meeting with my priest. I am very, very sorry for the terrible things I have said on this forum. I rejected the Church and her doctrines. I want to apologize and renounce all the terrible things I have said. I want to fully embrace the Church and all her teachings. I am sorry to any of the fine people of CAF I have offended. Many of the things that the faithful Catholics on this forum have said on here have been instrumental in bringing me to where I am today. I have no doubt God is using many of you. Please forgive me.


Not a problem at all! I don’t really mind when people start attacking or becoming defensive about their beliefs or reasons. At least it shows that the conversation stirred something deep within themselves :+1:


God Bless you and welcome home.


It’s kind of you to ask forgiveness. But I’m sure I speak for many when I say we don’t care about ourselves. We just want you back with us in God’s one Holy and Apostolic Church with Jesus. God loves you, he is running with open arms to welcome you back and we are all rejoicing that you have returned to God’s love.

If you have some difference with God in the future, just stay in His church and argue, discuss, hash it out with Him, but don’t leave! He loves you and doesn’t want you to go.

Glad you are back! There is rejoicing in Heaven too over your change of heart. Just picture a big ol’ party.


So much rejoicing in Heaven today over your repentance and change of heart! Welcome back! :heart:

I agree with Tisbear 100%. It’s ok to have questions and wrestle with doubts…but don’t leave the arms of Jesus while you get your questions answered.

Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your testimony with us…it has blessed me and I’m sure it may touch someone else’s heart who is thinking of coming home.


Welcome back friend!


It’s wonderful to see you coming back home.


No problems, Everyone can get upset at times. It takes a lot of goodness to say your sorry. We all are sorry sometimes. I know I am. God bless you!-:heart::heart::heart:


Be at peace.


Thank you, OP. We can always use more good news on this forum.


Welcome Home.


Welcome back to the faith. If the Holy Spirit used the forum here to plant seeds and open discourse, it is a blessing.


Thank you all very much for your kind words. They are very moving.


Welcome home brother!!! :smiley:


My goodness, that sounds like quite a journey you’ve been on. God bless you.


Not a worry one. We are all human. We have our foibles and problems - and our doubts.

Welcome home. All we’re concerned with now is that you’re back - which are the same things that God and the Church are concerned with.


Alleluia! God bless you!


Indeed, too often I bog it down in sobering melancholy :smirk:


Welcome back :smiley:

You know that angels are rejoicing to see you coming back, right?


And the Saints in Heaven.

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