I am watching "A Man for All Seasons"


Wow what an amazing life of St. Thomas More. This one is with Charlton Heston.


Yep, splendid film. Scofield is magnificent.


We watched that in High School history class. Great movie and great man.


Ooh, Robert Shaw as Henry VIII.


No matter what I see him in, I always think of Paul Scofield as the colonel in “The Train”.


Oh, I love this movie! I must make time to watch it again soon – maybe this weekend. :thinking:


Charlton Hesston was in A Man for All Seasons?


I didn’t think that he was. But I looked it up. There was a tv remake in the ‘80’s,

My husband is a fan the original version.


oh, a tv remake. was charlton hesston thomas more or the king?
thanks for the info.

i like the original one too.


Thomas More.


ok. thanks.


Being enormously ancient, I can remember him on stage 50-odd years ago as Lear — such a powerful and moving performance that it is clear in my memory to this day (and I can tell you my memory ain’t what it was :slight_smile: ).


I didn’t catch that in the OP. :smile:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that version. I have the 1966 movie with Paul Scofield.

It’s such a great story about a truly great – and timely – Saint. A lawyer who becomes a Saint! :scream:


He played Thomas More.


Who played King Henry VIII in that version?


Martin Chamberlain as Henry VIII


Thanks CajunJoy. i have never heard of this actor.


Yup, that’s a combination you don’t hear about every day.


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