"I am wondering about a vocation for the priesthood."

My name is Nick. I am 37 yrs. old. I am disabled by a mental illness. And I am a convicted felon because of my illness. I was wondering with all these strikes against me am I silly for thinking I could become a priest. I just really think God has called me for this vocation. Thanks.

Talk to the vocations director for your diocese and see what he says. You’re in my prayers.


What a blessing to even discern a calling to the priesthood - inquire with your diocese (always the first step)

I will keep You in my prayers and hope that if the LORD is calling, that You become a Priest AND a Saint for Our Holy Church!! :thumbsup:

From the Program for Priestly Formation, 5th Edition, p. 22

“Applicants must undergo a thorough screening process. Personal interviews with the applicants, evaluations from their pastors and teachers, records and evaluations from a previous seminary or religious community if applicable, academic records, standardized test scores, psychological evaluations, and criminal background checks are all components of an effective admission program and are weighed together with an assessment of the applicant’s motivation. Those who do not fulfill these entrance requirements of the seminary must not be admitted.”

I encourage you to find out from a vocations director, but I would have to say that the felony / mental illness would probably bar you. More the former, than the latter.

However, that’s not to say that makes you any less of a person. We are all called to be priests, in our own way. :o

I will pray for you to find peace in your life regardless. :thumbsup:

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