I apologize for the thread shutdown.


I apologize to all for getting so emotinal over the “Fatwa” thread. Many things were said in that thread that, to me, seemed to condone violence against Americans and support violence against it.

On 9-11, I was in my office on the 54th floor at One Penn Plaza, witnessing the horrors of the day. I was fortunate, my friends were not. My wife and children wept as I arrived safely at home that night, by the grace of God.

Today my Godson toils in Iraq along with my Brother-in-Law. I pray for them everyday.

To have someone condone violence against Coalitition troops was too much for me.

I ask God’s forgiveness. I am sorry.


I did not mean to offend you. I am very sorry to hear the things you went through. However I lived in Palestine for three years. I had many close friends killed by the occupying Israeli forces and many put in prison. This was when we were in about 8th grade. My neighbors mom was beat up until she fell in acoma. Many times we had no school because the Israeli army closed the roads. Some days no one in an entire city is allowed to leave there house. Anyone seen outside will be shot on site. I have seen how hard it is to live under occupation. That is why I said and still say that anyone who lives under occupation has the right to fight the occupier no matter who he is. I am not anti American. I am anti-occupation.


Emad and Iamrefreshed I just want to say that both of your dialogs were beautiful and if more people would do what you guys just did the world would be a better place.God Bless You both,Lisa:crying: :slight_smile:


I am refreshed and Emad,
God bless both of you.

In Christ,


[quote=selvaraj]I am refreshed and Emad,
God bless both of you.

In Christ,


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