I Beleive

I like to know if you,s feel the same way. That only , priest should Give out the Holy Eucharist itand not Lay people,the only way I would receive,is if they were wearing white Gloves,but I,am still receiveing it from the priest, if I have to I will go to the Ile that the priest is givng it out before I let an ordinnary. Amen

The Church allows it, and there’s no reason for me to dispute her ruling on it.

How about the shutins and the people in places like nursing homes and the priest does not have the time and abilaty to take the Holy Eucharist to them?

It doesn’t matter who gives it to you as long as it has been properly consecrated.

Also there are Masses where there are so many people that the celebrant needs help to serve all those in attendance, such as the installation of a new Bishop. Recently, the Diocese of Rockford, Illinois installed a new Bishop and the audience was nearly 6,000 people! Definitely was a need for assistance there!

Given the size of my parish,approx1300 at every Mass.Even though we are blessed to have two priests,it would take an inordinate amount of time to dispense the HolyCommunion to that number of people. times that by five Masses,the priests would be even more stretched than they already are!

On Sundays it’s routine to have laypeople handling the Eucharist, and at daily Mass, also, when there is absolutely no reason for it. They are supposed to be EXTRAORDINARY ministers of Holy Communion, but they’ve become ORDINARY. That’s one of the reasons why some (like me) prefer the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass, although I’m stuck with the OF.

I agree with this. Its like Saint Augustine said " Rome has spoken, the matter is settled."


During Sunday Mass we have the EMs help out with the Eucharist and the Chalices. During Daily Mass the Priest gives out the Eucharist and the EMs still help out with the Chalices. We have 1 Priest for 2 parishes, 1 altar boy and maybe 2 deacons (I hear we are losing one of them)

…maybe the OP and the rest of us should be praying for vocations to the priesthood…there is obviously a huge shortage…just sayin.:yup:

You know, I had a rather nasty reply to the matter of you feeling “stuck” at an OF Mass, but I realized you are probably young, influenced by others who make derogatory comments about the OF Mass, and have yet to realize that all over the world hundreds of thousands of Christians are being killed attending this terrible OF Mass and willingly give up their lives to do so. We should be on our knees thanking Jesus for the enormous privilege we have of receiving Him in freedom and peace, and thanking Him that He does not feel “stuck” with
sinful human beings who nailed Him to the Cross with our sins. I’m sure He would have preferred to be elsewhere than on Calvary.

And particularly on this Memorial Day, we should remember and give thanks to God for all those in our armed services who died defending our rights to worship as we please, and complain when we don’t like things. We should feel blessed, not stuck.

What if it was you in the nursing home?:slight_smile:

I would be happy to receive the euchrist from anyone. We are lucky that we live in a time where it’s relatively easy to get.

It is allowed by the Church so that cannot be disputed. You may argue the extent to which EMHC’s are used, of course.
However, in my parish church they are absolutely necessary. We have 14,000 parishioners and a Sunday Mass attendance of around 80%. To accommodate everyone we have 10 Masses every Sunday. That would be impossible without the use of EMHC’s.

Yes there are Christians being persecuted but not all Christians attend the OF Mass.

Then what about those who need to go to confession first? Or just like to get the full indulgence with confession and communion?

What color gloves do you require your priest to wear?

I thought the proposed requirement is that people wear white gloves, but am uncertain if he wants everyone to wear them on their hands or on their tongues.

I do not feel the same way. Jesus is just as present in a host distributed from an EM as he is in one from a priest. I have seen big interuptions at Communion from people who refuse to receive from the EM and try and crash into the line with the priest, unseemly and not necessary. BTW gloves are not allowed, there is too much potential for unseen residue to be left behind on the material and transfered elsewhere.

I was wondering the same thing, what the color of the gloves has to do with anything. :smiley:

Anyway, I think johnthebaptist has left the building.


That is a great idea. All you would need to do is join a seminary, become a holy priest, get elevated to bishop, and then elected to Pope, and then you might be able to get all the faithful to follow your will. In the meantime, you could wear whichever color gloves you yourself wish to.

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