I believe the bible is

Just gauging opinion here

I always thought the first option was normal for a Christian. But in actuality the Word of God is in spirit only. Those who dont have it, keep looking to the Bible chasing God and trying to find Jesus because they dont know him, and thats why the world doesnt accept him. Yes, by believing the Bible is the Word of God actually can result in a denial of the TRUE Word. CCC:687 backs all of this up.

The Bible isnt the Quran or lately the ‘Torah’ that is believed to be written by the words (and even language!) of God himself. They claim a ‘single’ author or their book, or treat their book exactly as if its written by a single author. I did the same with the Bible thinking it was normal and i was being Holy by doing so.

Our Bible is without error and has the words of MANY people in including Angels, Saints, Cain, Satan, his children, unbelievers who killed Jesus etc. If Satan says something is it True? No? Then why necessarily believe what they are saying as true just because its in the Bible? (Mark 6:1-10 as a prime example). God will let you believe what you want in the Bible (free will you can say).

The Bible has the good, the bad, the ugly who all have their say. We need to chose how to interpret these things with knowing God allowed this in scripture for a reason. Nothing is fully proven or handed on a silver platter.

One thing for certain, only the Spirit will testify for Jesus. Our Spirit will not testify to the persin of King David as an example for us to follow or find light, however, David IS there for a reason and God truly did safegaurd his Word against those rebelling from the Church thinking they’re going to pick up a self help book to discover their inner being… oh they’ll find it all right and the Bible will certain fill them with all the lust and carnality their heart desires. This is divine and what makes the Bible innerant.

One thing i will say is that I find the core of almost all modern heresies involve using the old testement to override Jesus teachings and mission. The only exception are the modern Pentecostals who abuse Acts. .

My thoughts exactly my friend. There is only one Logos, Jesus Himself, the word made flesh

All three. In certain passages of the OT and the Gospels the actual Words of God are quoted. Each writer is Divinely inspired, but retain their own individual voice, writing in different historical situations affecting the text as well as the genre of each book. Sometimes multiple genres in a book.

At least that is the Catholic view I learned in seminary concentrating in Biblical Studies, which I firmly believe.

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