I bet I can find 1000 Catholics who are sick of the anti-Catholic bias!

To all viewers who are also members of Facebook. Please go to facebook.com/group.php?gid=8560381465#/group.php?gid=56812757019
and join this group which was started by my brother.
It’s description is as follows:

We are sick of being caricatured and misrepresented in newspapers, magazines, movies, films, jokes etc… We have had enough of letting baseless arguments against Catholicism go unchallenged. We are Catholics who wish to defend the faith with charity and accuracy and support those who stand up for their faith against the growing plenitude of voices that murmur, whine and whinge.

The creation of this Group was inspired by a silly column in “The Citizen” (see the article in the Discussion below) but there are many equally disrespectful articles being published every day in a variety of media.


Lets see how quickly we can get to 1000 !!!

Thanks for your support.

It’s one thing to unite in a cause, it is another thing to do the cause. That’s why I’d rather choose good example in words, deeds, prayer, and writing than simply joining others in a stance against evil. The former defeats evil, the latter simply acknowledges it.

Firstly, you are making an assumption about my behaviour that is not supported by the facts. Secondly, it is a “both, and” situation. It is possible to show solidarity AND to do the other things you mention. You have only to read Galatians 5 to see Paul doing both of these things. Would you like to tell him off too? The site that I have promoted is run by the same person who won the 2006 Catholic Film Festival with his film on AIDS in South Africa, Sowing in Tears. He has also created follow up Catholic movies on this topic and his work on the Catholic response to AIDS and the situation in Zimbabwe and its effect on the church there has been shown on EWTN and on European Catholic media networks. You can view some of the team’s groundbreaking work at catholicstudio.com/. I could list many other positive things this person has done, but you get the idea.

I joined. I even invited 3 other people to join, which is something I rarely do.

Thanks so much. Hope you have a day full of unexpected blessings!

I joined, and am about to invite my friends to do the same :slight_smile: Great initiative, this anti-Catholic bias is definitely something that bothers me.

Thanks Mary - very grateful for your support!:thumbsup:

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