I broke a promise/covenant with God. Am I going to Hell?

I promised God I would stop doing something, but I did it again. I knew it was a sin, and I honestly have tried but I slipped up. Am I going to Hell because I broke a promise with God? I realize I have offended God and I am honestly going to try and stop committing the sin. I am very saddened, as it was during Lent and everyhting. I have prayed for forgiveness, but I am very worried. Thank you very much for your help.

See, the thing I LOVE about being Catholic is the Sacrament of penance. If I have sinned (and even if I haven’t) the confessional is a place of great comfort to me. As to whether or not you are going to hell, I don’t know, nor do I know your situation, and even if I did, I could not give you a definitive answer. Keep your eyes on heaven and don’t despair.

Until your lungs collapse, there is always repentance!


God is Love.
God is Mercy.
God is Forgiveness.

His love and mercy and forgiveness are boundless, certainly for those who love him and ask him for it.

If everyone who slipped up a lot went to hell then heaven would be a mighty lonely place. Try as we might to get it right, Jesus still had to die for us sinners.

Brush yourself off and get going.

I acknowledged my sin to You, And my iniquity I did not hide; I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the LORD”; And You forgave the guilt of my sin.
-Psalm 32:5

just confess your sin to a priest with a sincere heart and you’ll’ve been forgiven

do penance and repent

pretty simple

We all break promises with God. The truth is God never breaks His promises with us. I can remember the saintly Archbishop Fulton Sheen going to speak to a prison full of men. His first words were “the difference between you and me is you got caught”. We all need to be caught. I think you are judging yourself to harshly about the sin thinking you will go to hell. The fact is you knew it was sin when you had committed it and you were sorry for it. That in itself is never a condition that means hell. As long as you were aware of what you did was wrong than this is a good thing. To be in a state of hell means worse things than what you described. It is good that you got caught or in other words you have recognize what you did was wrong. Be at peace. I can remember another occasion with the saintly Archbishop who was listening to a man giving his confession. The man interrupted the Bishop and said these confessions are not doing him any good. Why said the Bishop. I am not getting any better said the man. The Bishop smiled back and said “Well, you are not getting any worse.” Be at peace that you are at least holding on to your own weaknesses that is you are recognizing them by giving them to the Lord.

“When Sister [Saint] Mechtilde was once praying for someone who was afraid God had not forgiven a fault he had committed, the Lord told her:

That would be impossible. Whosoever regrets his sins receives their pardon from Me. If he continues to grieve for them, I give My grace in addition." (p. 47 of ‘Divine Communications’, Vol. 2, by Rev. Auguste Saudreau)

We are baptized and so we promised God to follow His ways. When we sin we break our promise. But God is Love. He forgives. Those were the first words He said on the cross. If Jesus can forgive those who crucified Him in such an atrocious manner, how much more will He forgive us if we are repentant. You need the sacrament of contrition. Don’t waste time to get it.

i wouldn’t sweat it; go to confession; pick up the pieces and move on

I note that you are a young man moving towards Catholicism. I also note the wise advice of many to go to confession and get back on the horse. You may not be in a position in your journey to be able to confess within the sacrament. I do not know. However, we all promise God we will not sin again, time and time and time again. That is why Christ told us that we must forgive seven times seventy. God is always open to our sorrow at our sins and ready to forgive us. If you can, go to confession; if not, ask forgiveness for destroying your relationship with God not for fear of hell but for the affront to Him. Run the good race and meet Him at the end with some results for the talents He has given you. God bless.

You are not going to hell. You are in the process of keeping your promise, but you are not there yet; keep trying, every day, and ask God for the grace to succeed. He will give you everything you need. :signofcross:

God is so Merciful He is Mercy itself. I also suggest going to confession.

Thank you all so much for your help. I felt so disgusted with what I had done, but I prayed for forgiveness and acknowledged that what I had done had offended God, and I am going to try my very best never to comit it again, but I won’t be making promises I cant keep. I appreciate all your advice, and again thank you all very much. God Bless.

May I recommend a book that might help you? It’s short and inexpensive. The book is “Searching for and Maintaining Peace” by Fr. Jacques Phillipe. It is one of the best books anyone has ever recommended to me, and I think it might be useful for you.
Trust in God’s mercy.

It is my understanding that Peter who denied Christ 3 times after saying he wouldn’t is now a saint.

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