I called in at the Steve Gregg radio show

I was listiening to Protestant radio (Anabaptsit radio)

And this guy Steve Gregg the host went off on all you need is your bible and don’t become a member of any church

This concept really bothers me because I have friends that are like this and they have come up with some really really strange ideas on thier own.

So I called the radio show and asked him
“if your an expert how do you get a different answer than Tim staples or Scott Hahn”

His response is
“sadly they don’t know thier bible very well”

Then I responded
“then how do you come up with a different answer than John Calvin or Martin Luther”

All this was said in a calm manner but my John Calvin and Martin Luther response was not put on air and he went off on some tangent back to how one should stay away from institutional churches

I would suggest not listening to that program again. :rolleyes:

Call in again and ask him where in the bible does it say that all you need is the bible? That should always be the first question…IMHO. :thumbsup:

I would not listen to such garbage. Its the road to the dark side. It leads to doubting what you believe in.

True that.

This man is obviously PRO God, and a candidate for heaven just as equally as any of us due to all of us being sinners. With that said, I’d like add my clever take on kimg’s post.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Garbage! Heretical!

So you were apparently not on live if they somehow prevented some of your remarks from airing?

Well, in spite of the outcome, I still commend you on your courage to call the show and challenge what he was saying. :clapping:

Too True :thumbsup:

There is usually a delay, so a person can say something but it won’t go on air.

Many, if not all, live shows have a tape delay (usually 5 to 10 secends) just in case the caller says some thing that could get the host or station in trouble with the FCA. :cool: :slight_smile: Some hosts will abuse the tape delay and cut a caller off. :eek: :shrug:

While Mr. Gregg may have phrased his statements poorly, he was not stating that the Bible is all you need to be a member of the chuch. If he was Anabaptist, he was more or less claiming that to become a member of The Church, one had to look no further than the Bible to come to saving knowledge of Christ. In Anabaptist belief only those who have come to a saving knowledge and faith in Christ can be baptised, and that brings them into fomal membership into the “church militant”, but faith alone in the finished work of Christ is what makes one a member of the Body of Christ, of which baptism is the public declaration that one is a Christian.

The church doesn’t save us…we become members of the Church WHEN we are saved by grace thru faith and our sins forgiven by grace thru faith in Christ.


At least you tried. Good for you.:thumbsup:

What day did you call in? I would like to hear the interaction.

It’s incredible to me how far into error some fall concerning the most fundamental beliefs of Christianity. Your description of the purpose of Baptism is completely contrary to both Scripture and Church teaching (at least for the first 1500 years of its history):

"And Peter said to them, “Repent, and let each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; …” (Acts 2:38)

Baptism, as Paul tells us, is for the forgiveness of our sins. One does not get into heaven unless their sins have been forgiven. I have not seen a single verse that says that the purpose of Baptism is to make a public declaration. Maybe you could provide that.

Dangerous…what some believe.

Well you always have to educate your self on how others think

Friday, but remember I was cut off at least three times

I think I found the show links for Friday, but they haven’t been uploaded yet. There are two shows listed, a morning and evening program. Which were you on?

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