"I can only imagine." Song about being in heaven. A 4-minute video


This video has 2 million views.
This song expresses what we can know about what is unimaginable.
In its course, this video shows sorrowful views of people holding the photos of loved ones who have died–obviously implying that they will meet them again in heaven.
This video also shows a young boy with an empty picture frame. He hasn’t lost anyone yet. But he will; he holds the frame.


I cry almost every time I hear this song because I can not imagine what I will do when I hopefully come into God’s presence. I would hope I’d fall on my face and adore Him when in Heaven.


The beauty of our Faith is we do not have to imagine what it is like to be in the Presence of God. Each of us can experience it at any Adoration Chapel or at Mass :slight_smile:


The lyrics don’t resonate with my particular tastes.


Ah lovely, the song that’s played so much on the radio that I’ve come to loathe it. Not its message, mind you, just the song.


I love this song. One of my long standing favorites. I was so lucky to see Mercy Me in concert about 2 years ago. Totally worth it. Of course they played this song, and of course I cried. Haha

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