I cannot find the who documents on the miracle of lanciano

Ok, I was debating with a Baptist about the Eucharist and I told him about the miracle of Lanciano. He then gives me this link:

I’ve refuted a good bit of it, however the biggest stumbling block is that I cannot find the documents that the World Health Organization made regarding this miracle. Can anyone give me those documents via the internet?

Though not the report itself, this book apparently contains Dr. Linoli’s analysis. See also Windfish’s research in this thread. As well, see post #22 of this thread which includes my interaction with WHO, their qualified denial of the report, and subsequent location of the abstract in Italian.

I am curious as to what bits of the link you refuted and how you refuted them.

My suggestion is to use these links as a base.




Zenit News Agency had an interview about the miracle.



I suggest that you do your own search on Zenit, because I never did a complete one.

Also, someone more adept than me, needs to search the WHO"s medical commission. I am wondering if this commission was separate from WHO.

I just saw MarcoPolo’s post…I wish and he appears.:thumbsup:
Thank you.

I was in Lanciano some years back.

A scientist’s explanation of a “miracle” is that it is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Thank you! I appreciate all of these links.

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