'I can't afford an apartment': Congressmen sleeping in offices cry poverty


this isn’t the first time i have heard of Washington politicians sleeping in their offices.
i am sure Washington is very expensive.

Remember, any apartments/homes would be second residences. Congressmen and women belong to the states they represent. It would be better for Congress to make some kind of boarding house rather than force these members to rent apartments that will sit empty for weeks at a time.


I knew a congressional aid years ago, perhaps 25. The congressman she worked for often slept at the office.

Why don’t their state’s pay for it? Would there be anything wrong with that?

To much chance of buying influence.

Maintaining a home at home, flying commercial back and forth, avoiding the appearance of taking improper gifts, pile DC rent on top of that $174K can go poof pretty quickly!

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Washington is expensive. It is one of the wealthiest areas of the country. It is because the federal government sucks so much money out of the states. The number of government workers is bad enough, but the people who want to buy the influence of the government, because it regulates everything, make it worse.

They are supposed to be representing their state. If it came from state coffers, how would that be buying influence?

That’s an excellent idea,
Something akin to a modern college dorm would work well, and with forced integration between the parties, mixing Dems and GOP on the same floor/suite.

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States that are already in budget deficits? Honestly, I have a bit of respect for a congressperson who sacrifices his/her own comfort to send a bit more back home to the family.

Who controls the state coffers? What if the party in power is different than the Rep? Could they lay some roadblocks down to payments or delay the money or put some undue restrictions on the money? What if the party in power is the same as the rep? Could they find a little “extra”? Or make the payments a little faster?

Let them sleep in their office! I would…

But Congress has always exempted itself from discrimination and integration laws.

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I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a congressman’s office. I bet they are pretty nice.

I like that!

Shower at Planet Fitness and sleep in your office. There, problem solved

They have a gym and showers at the office I think, and a good cafeteria.

For a junior congressman with a family back home, a good bed is all they really need. It would probably be healthier if it wasn’t in the office though, a change of location can help relax.

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That’s what my acquaintance said they did.

Oh believe me, they need a good stern talking to as well! I have 0% faith in our elected officials.

This clip sums up how my speech to Congress would go:

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