I can't create bookmarks


I could create them earlier today, but now when I click on the bookmark icon on a message I get a box saying “Sorry, an error has occurred.” Is there anybody around who can fix this?


Is it still a problem for you? Working for me. Perhaps a temporary glitch. Can always try the simple things like logging out and in or changing themes. With all the different devices used for access, it is difficult to say.


It’s still a problem. I just tried bookmarking your reply and only got an error message — and this is after logging out last night and back in now. What do you mean by changing themes?


Go to your profile. Go to interface. There will be a “themes” button.

Dark theme is known to be problematic in a number of ways.

Good luck,


Actually, my interface was set automatically at CA theme when I joined CAF a week ago. I just tried both other themes and still I can’t set bookmarks. What now?


Hmmm. I use catheme as it seems to have minimal problems. So we report it to @cawebmaster as a bug. The call out I just did should alert him to the issue. You could also PM him.


Looks like he fixed it. I just tried bookmarking a couple of posts and this time they took. Thanks for letting him know!


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