I can't find my wallet!


*Hi everyone…was out earlier, and couldn’t find my wallet. I am praying it’s in my office desk…where I think? I left it. I think what happened was, I took it out of my purse yesterday at lunch, walked downstairs to get something to eat, and then when I came back up…a coworker of mine stopped me before I made it to my office, and asked me to eat with her in the kitchen, and I am hoping I placed it in my desk drawer, or on my desk. I remember at least stopping in there to put my wallet either on the desk or in a drawer. Ugh!! I hope no one stole it! I didn’t go anywhere last night, after work…so that must be where it is.

I lost the entrance card to the building, otherwise, I’d drive into work right now to check my office. I keep losing things lately, and forgetting things. I’m not kidding, it’s getting old.

Please pray that I recover it on Monday! I posted this in the prayer section, but thought I’d post it here, too. Thanks everyone. *


St. Anthony! We need you! Please help “Weg” to find her wallet! Thank you, St. Anthony. Amen.




St. Anthony, that’s right! I couldn’t remember the saint’s name. :rolleyes: Thank you…I am praying that it wasn’t stolen, because I’m pretty confident I left it either on my desk (why oh why would I do that?:crying: ) or I put it in my desk drawer…meanwhile, I remembered to pack my vitamin c and hand lotion. :rolleyes: I lost my purse twice when I was in college…well, it was stolen for sure. It was horrible…I just pray it’s there when I arrive on Monday, because if not…I have to get a new license, ss card:rolleyes:, healthcare card, credit cards and atm card! It’s not just a wallet, it’s like a daytimer kind of wallet…so I have important phone numbers in there. Waaaa!!! I’m so angry with myself right now! Thank you for praying for me!!


Can you drive over there tonight or tomorrow, rather than waiting for Monday? I really hope you find it!!


*Hi Mrs Sally… I normally would, but I lost/can’t find/misplaced the card that you need to get into the main part of the building. There’s no security to my knowledge on saturdays…and you need one of those cards that you swipe to get in…I have a key to the actual company suite, but not to the office building. :frowning: *


Good luck, WG. This can be very frustrating. You may have to wait until Mondy to check your desk at work.

In the meantime, you may want to check your bank or credit card accounts if you can view them on-line. Perhaps a one of the people on the cleaning crew could not resist the temptation of a wallet lying on a desk. I certainly hope that is not the case! I think it is worth checking, however.


I hope so, too rpp. I checked the bank account and credit cards…all is well thus far. I know I left it there though…I checked everywhere here, and it’s all coming back to me now, the events of yesterday. Ugh!


Someone told me this short prayer to St. Anthony:

Tony, Tony look around
Help me find what can’t be found…

Hope you find your wallet WG, I know how unsettling that can make you feel. :frowning:


That is such an icky feelings. I hope you find it on Monday.


I truly hope you are right and it is there. My poor son put is son in the car seat and got in the car and drove away only to notice his wallet missing at the restaurant then he remember he left it on the trunk when he put is son in the car. He drove down the highway with it on the truck. 3 hours later he still could not find it and had to cancel credit cards and do all the other nice stuff you have to do to replace all that is in there. Praying you will not have to do this.


*Thanks everyone…I am praying!

My husband called from work earlier, and in a calm voice said…you’ve been doing this since we were dating sharon…hopefully, it will be at your desk.

doing this? :shrug:

Not entirely accurate…hasn’t been going on since we were DATING. :rolleyes: I don’t know why I lose things a lot:blush::(…my dh is very organized and structured…we are an odd match! lol *


*Yes, that’s well put…“icky.” I feel a bit anxious. Sigh…I pray it’s there on Monday. The good news is I checked the accounts, and everything is fine. I don’t think the cleaning people come on the weekends, so if they were going to steal it, they might have already? *


I tell mywife that it is because I have so much knowledge in my head it’s hard to hold everything in there and that is why I forget some things.


St. Anthony helps me every day. I lose keys, wallets, credit cards :eek: and money. I start each day saying I will be better, but St. Anthony hears from me often. :wink: I will add my prayer that your wallet will be there!!!


Maybe you forgot that you forgot???:smiley:


Been there and done that several times. The worse part is when you think you left something at work and then later when you get there you can’t find it and get the idea that it could be at home somewhere then have to spend the rest of the day worrying about it. When I loose stuff around the house and start looking in odd places for it, my wife asks “Why are you looking there, it shouldn’t be there” to which I respond, “I’ve already looked in all the places it ‘should be’ and rulled them out the only options left are the places it shouldn’t be.” I’m sure it will turn up in some place it shouldn’t be.

Best wishes for some piece of mind untill it does shows up.


YAY! Recovered my wallet…it was in my desk drawer as I had hoped/thought. What happened though, is I must have dropped it in there during lunch on Friday, and it fell beneath some papers, so I didn’t see it when I grabbed my purse to leave on Friday. Whew, thank you Lord! Thanks for your prayers everyone! :slight_smile:


Whew - you must be so relieved! Now you can relax and have a great day! :smiley:


Yay!! I am so glad you found your wallet.
Don’t feel bad - I once left my debit card inside the card slot of a copy machine at Staples!!! Talk about stupid… although it is bad design for you to have to press the eject button to release your card.


Yay!!! Thank you, St. Anthony!

Glad you found it!

God bless.

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