I can't take it anymore.

I know that I want to go to the College Seminary, right out of high school. My dad knows that I want to be a priest. My mother does not know. I told him in August, and I feel like I wasted my time by doing that. He has never brought it up since, and he consistently talks about women with me. He keeps pressing me to go on dates. I cannot take it anymore. I know that I want to be a priest. I have dated before. It is not like I am saying I want to be a priest without having any experience anywhere else. Another thing. I love learning and love studying. My mom thinks that is because people ruined my high school life. This really upsets me. I have about 9 months until I get to apply to college seminary for my diocese, according to my pastor. I just want to get out of my parents house, and start preparing for the priesthood. I feel depressed and like all I do is sit and eat. Please help.

Parent have a natural expectation for there children , so please don’t be to hard on them,
Parents want to see there children get a solid education , get into a good career ,
And have a bright future, they like their son to find a nice girl ,and have a dozen babies
Etc etc…
But we are not all like that, you wish to join the church, and that goes against their expectations , so please, just be patient with them,try not to be confrontational about what your desires might be ,as opposed to what their hopes and dreams are for you,
I would suggest you get involved in church committees ,or some other church function,

I realize you are sensing a deep frustration and impatient with your parents but you must TRUST our dear Lord to order your “footsteps”. Do not let those that are not understanding as “enemies” but as parents that love you and will for you best. Still…if our Lord is calling you to the piesthood…proceed but do so with humility and speak and view your parents from an attitude of charity and love. IF this is what He wants for you He will provide. Trust Him…pray and go to this next “discerning retreat” you hear about from your parish or one nearby. Continue…but in prayer and peace trusting our dear Lord to aid you as needed in this journey.

My prayers,

Consider discussing this with your Priest, and ease up on yourself!

Hey brother in Christ!

Ive been in the same scenario also. I want to become a priest and my parents and alot of friends know too. A lot of them (including my parents) continue to press worldly things or other suggestions upon me (including myself). But here’s my advice that I’ve learned: Just pray, relax, sign up, and live life right now as a high school! High school only lasts for so long. If you want to date go ahead, but just remember what your calling might be in life!

God Bless bro! Praying for you and all those in the same discernment!

P.S. talk to your priest!!!

I well understand how you feel, but patience is necessary.If you are not working w/ a spiritual director I would highly recommend you start.The time will pass quickly until you can start the college seminary.In the mean time pray for guidance in the process of discernment and pray for your parents.Get out and get some exercise walk etc.Also you might try volunteering your time to help others.I have found that when feeling depressed reaching out to others in need is a big help.Aside from that helping others in need is a big part of what being a priest is about.Spend time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament,pray the Rosary. Your parents mean well so try not to be too hard on them.Your situation is not all that unusual many parents are not all that supportive about their child having a vocation but that changes in time.Ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother- she is more than willing to be of assistance.God bless you.

One question: How many siblings do you have?

Very sound advice has been offered.

The only small offering I have is to pray to God to help you find your joy in life and to search for the blessings He gives you every day.

When the cross is heavy and we fall on our knees, we are in the perfect (but painful) position to pray. So loaded down are we, that all we have to offer is despair, sorrow and pain, but maybe that is what God wants from us? Perhaps he wants us to stop trying and exhausting ourselves in satan’s downward spiral of despair, give it all up to Him and trust in Him to carry us. Once we can do that, and thank God for all blessings (including ones we don’t like) maybe He can strengthen us, lighten the load or teach us to stand up straight even when the load is heavy and the road of life is tough.

Keep praying and searching for God’s hand and blessings in all things and be assured of my prayers. If you need more prayers, just ask for strength to follow your vocation in the Prayer Intentions Threads and prayers for you will arise like incense to God from all over the world.

May God bless and strengthen you.

Your mother loves you, and what ever she want you to become is what she think is the best for you, but she will understand, so give her time, and love.

Be patient and be prudent.

God will provide.

How depressing :frowning: So what constitutes ‘high school life’? Playing sports, the prom, a bit of underage drinking perhaps?

Just hang in there and pray a lot. Do your best to be nice and respectful to your parents. These months will pass quickly.

This is part of carrying your cross---- something we all have to do!
Learn to offer up these sufferings, especially if you are desiring to be a priest in emulation of Jesus.

A spiritual director would be of great assistance to you now.

Go for a walk!!!

Drink more water, too.

If you’re going to be a diocesan priest, one would have to be able to interact with others in a Godly way. I realize that most of your classmates and schoolmates are likely falling into mortal sin, but we have to be sweet to them, too. Let them see your joy in being celibate. The church says we should not go out with anyone you wouldn’t consider marrying, so if you’re not drawn to any of the young ladies, then don’t bother. Do you have righteous male friends? Or even righteous female friends, for that matter? Go to Mass, adoration, and other exercises in piety with them. Do any of the righteous friends want to be priests or nuns?

Your parents do want what’s best for you, and they’re likely scared that you’ll throw away a lot of good years to something that is a bum steer. They also don’t know how much your seminary pursuits will literally cost them. They have to realize that God has a plan for you, and now they have to let you have your head, as we say in the horse business.

This also reminds me of when hubby and I were breaking the news of our engagement to his parents. His father was a loving atheist, and his mother a fallen-away Lutheran. “This is what we have determined that our Higher Power, whom we call God, has planned for us.”




What you’re experiencing is pretty much the same as what most teenagers your age feel. It’s only natural that your parents are concerned about the decisions you’re making - they simply want what’s best for you, even if you and they disagree over exactly what that is. Even though you feel that the seminary is what you want to do (and what God wants you to do) it’s really important that you remain open to other possibilities and don’t close them off altogether. I hear what you’re saying about having had experience already but, generally speaking at least, experience is always valuable and you can never have too much of a good thing. Also don’t forget that the Church is in the world and the world in the Church - to be an effective priest, you must be able to meet people where they are.

I know you’re keen to get started on your formal journey to priesthood (and would start tomorrow if you could). However, there’s a fine line between enthusiasm and impatience. whatever time it takes for that journey to get underway, and any experience you get before then will be worthwhile - so don’t be too hasty to get underway; you’re young and have plenty of years ahead. I think that’s what your parents are trying to get across to you although I know that it’s hard for you to see it in that way. Entering the seminary isn’t going to be some sort of cure-all for the problems you’re going through especially given that you’ll presumably be living with your parents during the break. what you might like to try doing is talking to them about how you feel (“I” statements), listening to what’s going on for them and also getting out more (as opposed to just sitting and eating).

Can you ignore him?

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