I can't understand transgenderism

Is it real? I have heard people say that there is science behind it. But I have never heard anyone actually define what “gender identity” even means. I mean, if you are born a man, but claim to be a woman trapped inside a man’s body, how can you possibly even know what it is like to be a woman in order to make that assessment? Is it emotions? These are common among men and women. I have heard that gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality. Then what does it have to do with?

People will probably think I am ignorant for this, but I can’t help but think the whole “transgender” fad is the result of some serious first-world cabin fever.

It is a real mental disorder.

Although now psychologists and others want to make it “normal” in the same way they have done with homosexual desires. Therefore, they have invented the idea that “gender” is psychlogical/mental while sex is physical.

People do not have a gender. Nouns have a gender. Gender is a grammar construct, not one that applies to people. People have a sex.

We are one person and we are our biological sex, period. Thoughts and feelings that identify with the other sex are disordered and need help. But, the homosexual movement has tried to cast it as just another “choice” that is not wrong or right, and have endorsed mutilation of the body instead of treating the root of the problem in the mind.

There are certainly rare cases with a biological basis, chromosomal abnormalities or hormonal imbalances or in utero trauma of some kind. Nonetheless, this remains a disorder.

No one can have “the wrong body.” Everybody’s soul, which generates the mind, was formed in and for that body.

Feeling you have the wrong body, gender-wise is AIUI a failure of adjustment.


There are rare instances of hermaphrodites, XY females, that sort of thing in which I can understand someone deciding that their parents and doctors made the wrong call in deciding whether they are male or female. They might be wrong in that decision, but it is understandable that the issue would come up now and then.

The vast majority of the time though it seems to simply be a matter of mental and emotional disorder/insanity. Instead of helping the person recognize and live with what their real sex/gender (the distinction between those two terms is squishy, no matter how clear some people would like to make it) is, misguided therapists, friends, and family too often encourage the person to embrace their misconception of themselves or even to have surgery to make their bodies appear to match their minds.

It’s like being “walk-around-crazy,” but you can’t call it that.

Why has it received so much acceptance by progressives?

Why is the sky blue?

It is moral relativism, the starting point from which most secular/progressive/liberals or however you want to label them operate. The idea that there really is no objective morality at all.

I have a terrible time understanding it, too. I am a woman, but I honestly have no idea how a woman is supposed to feel in a woman’s body. I also have no idea how a man is supposed to feel in a man’s body.

I am a woman because that is what I am physically. Why would I want to change into something else? What if I felt that I should have been a cat or a dog? Wouldn’t I just be out of luck?

Maybe someone could explain it to me. I just don’t get it.

I don’t understand it either. I do, however, have a niece who insisted she was a boy. She was only 2-1/2 years old when she started to say that. It was way beyond a tomboy type thing. She refused to wear girl clothes, girl colors like pink, wanted her hair cut very short and by a barber, not a beautician. If you called her a girl, she would scream and cry as if you were calling her some bad name. She is 17 yrs old now. She has always worn boy clothes (yes even boy’s underwear) and short hair. She doesn’t have any romantic interest in boys. I don’t know what to think about the whole thing. My sister has never favored my nephew over my niece or indicated that girls were bad and she dressed her in dresses up until my niece at 2 refused to wear girl clothes anymore. We have no explanation for why this happened.


I have NEVER heard it explained like that, but I like it. :thumbsup:

I sugest that everyone posting in this thread go to their local library and read the book called “True Selves”. It explains transgenderism in a nice conceise manner.

The new diagostic manual does not define it as a disorder anymore.

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