I Confess a Film by Alfred Hitchcock (spoilers)

to just be clear if you have not seen this movie do not read any further.

But I saw this movie last night and I thought it was really good, I feel like it painted the priesthood in a good light but I don’t think that overly matters in this movie, it didn’t attack who priests are and don’t try to say priest should change in any way.

but I think this movie is pretty good it is a very entertaining movie and had a good story to it. the acting was pretty good and the direction was amazing.

so has anyone seen this movie and what are you Catholics Thoughts on this movie.

is there anything that the movie portrayed in the wrong way something it did wrong.

BTW to you film buffs out there Alfred Hitchcock was raised by Jesuits so this movie apparently has a significance to his life.

one other thing maybe to spark some discussion. If you were a priest what would you do in this situation do you think there is a remote chance you could say that you didn’t kill him without revealing what you did or who you were with that night. Personally I don’t think there is a way.

I’d love to be able to offer a full response to your questions, but I only happened upon the movie part way through one day as I was channel surfing.

I love Hitchcock and found the film interesting. Apparently it wasn’t a big hit because the non-Catholic public just couldn’t get why the priest didn’t turn the killer in. They had no concept of how seriously priests are about maintaining confidentiality around confessions.

Has anyone else seen the movie?

Big Hitchcock fan and saw the movie years ago and this is prompting me to watch it again! I don’t think there’s a film of his I didn’t like. Didn’t know he was raised by Jesuits. Interesting.

Well… an acquaintance of mine, who has written about Mr. Hitchcock (including a book that is about to be a film), tells me he raised Catholic by his parents and went to Jesuit schools.

I’m a Hitch aficianado. I haven’t seen I Confess since I began my Catholic journey. I’ll dig it up, happily, and add to the conversation!:slight_smile:

We LOVE this movie!! It is one of my favorite Catholic movies!!!

I saw it a long time ago…honestly I don’t even remember how it ends. I should put it on the Netflix queue so my wife can see it.

I’ve been watching the old ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ show on the Antenna TV network. Some of those are great. He does these goofy little introductions that are hilarious.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve watched this movie, but it is one of the greats which I probably should try to add to my DVD collection (few movies are worthy of this when I can rent).

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