"I confess: I'm one of the whistleblowers..."

“I confess: I’m one of the whistleblowers
We’re doing it to defend the Pope”

From Repubblica:


The plot thickens.

i’m only a small fry but that article sounds dodgy to me

It seems like this whole thing is being used to make the pope look weak and simple.

I don’t like it at all.

If millions of dollars of Vatican funds are being mishandled, we should all be concerned. The Vatican Bank has been a problem for decades.

I totally agree. Whatever is going on in the Church, financial or otherwise, will not be resolved by secrecy or coverup. There has been too much of that. We live in a modern media age. All scandals will eventually come out, and covering it up just makes it worse. I hate to see so much negative media coverage. I love the Church. But why do we keep giving the media so much material to report?

Oh God all this Papa Drama just feels like the 17th Century all over again.


"Vatican intelligence has security systems more advanced than anything the CIA has… "

That line alone should tell you about the quality and honesty of the reporting in the rest of the article.

Actually, the statement is true. The organization with the best intellegence gathering mechanism, is the Vatican.

I heard this from a retired CIA agent, about 25 years ago.


That may be proof enough for you, but I wouldn’t bank on it without knowing a lot more background info.

Intelligence gathering 25 years ago maybe in an era where electronic info gathering was not that sophisticated. Intelligence gathering today, maybe. However, the article said “security systems” not intelligence gathering, which, unless the Vatican is using Angels, I still say is hogwash.:wink:

:rotfl: Angels.

Well maybe considering they still don’t have anything in electronic format, that part of their security is still top notch. :smiley: They don’t have to worry about cyber attacks. :wink:

Of course it’s hogwash. This article is tabloid trash no better than the National Enquirer spits out.

The interview with Archbishop Angelo Becciu is more reality based.

In this age where there’s an obsession over leaked documents (a la Wikileaks), it seems that any secret Vatican documents are like gold.

I don’t view this as anything new under the sun. An appetite for conspiracy theories, paranoia and mistrust is all to human. A difference, in current times, may be many lack the basic moral understanding that theft is bad. Simple as that.

Then, it was just me who got somewhat surprised by this.

Well from what I recall the CIA agent saying, he said that because the Church had people in just about every nation in the world, living amongst the people, they generally have a good handle on the pulse of the nation.

He said they also had access to higher levels in politics, and because people were trusting to spill their guts to a priest or Bishop, they’d be privy to information that CIA would take 10 years to get.


Ironically, I believe this was documented in the wiki-leaks.

New Vatican documents leaked; source calls pope’s butler a ‘scapegoat’

By M. Alex Johnson, msnbc.comPope Benedict XVI’s butler, who is under arrest for allegedly leaking confidential Vatican documents, is just a scapegoat, according to the source of new secret documents published Sunday by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The butler, Paolo Gabriele, 45, remains in a Vatican jail cell on charges of aggravated theft for possessing confidential correspondence. Publication of the new documents Sunday — which La Repubblica said it had received from an unknown person after Gabriele’s arrest on May 25 — would strongly indicate that Gabriele wasn’t the only person with access to the secret correspondence of the Roman Catholic Church.

I agree.

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