‘I could go to prison for this’: Teacher jailed for 12 years for having sex with four pupils

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It should read that he raped them. They could not consent because of their age.


Only 12 years? Seems he’s getting off pretty easy.


Prison is where he belongs. I can’t help but feel that so many teachers chose that profession to have access to minors for sexual purposes.

Agree on prison for the man. . .NOT so much on the whole "so many choose profession X for access to victims’. Some, perhaps. But many? I’m no Calvinist, and I think we need to remember that the media’s job is to ‘sell stories’. The vast majority of teachers, just like the vast majority of priests, ministers, and above all parents, are not ‘in it’ to have access to victims, even though there are some of all of those ‘professions’ who do abuse. In fact when it comes to sexual abuse of minors, by far the highest percentage of abusers are the child’s own parents, but we don’t go around saying, "I think too many of these parent people are in it for the access to potential victims’. . .and God help us if we ever get to a situation where people start to feel that’s the case and truly believe it. . .

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