I could use some encouragement


I start college today and I’m freaking out. Its all very real right now. I got my loan refund check in the mail Friday and went and got a laptop Saturday and thats when I got scared. I’m really doing this. I went to PetCo. and got my dog Sammy an electric dog feeder so I can be sure that he gets to eat dinner. He heard his food fall this morning and ran in there to eat so I guess he is ok with it. He is all set…Me…Well…I’m a huge mess. I really could use some encouragement.



Peace, peace be with you. Isn’t this wonderful? The Lord is drawing you closer today. Giving you the opportunity to just let things go and let God grow. Your emotions are a wonderful gift from God, calling you to action. But before you react, pause for a moment and decide what you can do and what you can do for God? What are you clinging onto that is keeping you from God? What are you trying to control and what can you give to God. Today is an opportunity to trust God. So at the end of the day today, reflect on how God has blessed you and how much He LOVES you.

I am praying for you right now, pause for a moment and just let God love you.


Hi Keri,

It is perfectly normal to be nervous when you’re starting a new stage in life. I’m sure that many of your classmates are feeling the same way. I still remember how scared I was on my first day of college. Just say some prayers and trust God to take care of you. Before long you’ll be right in the swing of things and you’ll look back and wonder why you were so scared! I will say a prayer for you. :gopray2: Good luck in your pursuit of knowledge!


Hey, I can understand you feeling scared. You will feel great about college soon. The first while can be intimidating but honestly, you might be sick of hearing this but college years are usually the best years of your life! If you are worried about meeting friends and whatnot, check out the clubs on campus and join one or two. If you are going to a Catholic college, great, but if not, join the Catholic club on campus.

I wish I had joined clubs sooner than I did.

If you are scared about classes, that is totally normal. How big are your classes in your freshman year? One of mine was nearly 500 students. Scared me plenty on the first few days. You will easy into it.

What are you majoring in?

How was your first day?

You will be fine!! God will give you comfort. You are in my prayers.


Hi keri6789! You may not believe me when I tell you right now that college isn’t all that scary, but wait till you start working after college, and you’ll see, haha! I hope you have a great first day in college and start doin’ some book-lernin’. I did my book-lernin’ years ago and now I’m doing as much unlernin’ as I can!

Seriously, though, college should be an enjoyable experience. You’ll be fine once you get used to it. First week might be a little stressful, but once you settle into a routine and get used to your classes and such, you will be just fine.

Best of luck!


College really is great. My advice, just make it through the first semester. That first little bit can be hard, new people, new routines and such, but it gets better and better once you start getting to know people and all of that.

And I agree with what a couple of other people mentioned, get involved, now! :smiley: Getting involved in something is the best way to meet people and get to know them outside of class.

And also remember that pretty much everyone there is just as nervous as you are, no matter how well the pretend that they aren’t. :wink:


I graduated college 2 years ago so I remember those days well! Just take a deep breath and take it one day at a time! That’s the best advice when it all seems so overwhelming! Don’t worry, you’ll do great…prayers for you!!


Hey Keri,

Congradulations on your accomplishment! You are maing the right decision for your life and at the end it will benefit you. Just take one step at a time, and don’t over welm yourself. Just make sure you also take time to study.

God Bless,




you’ll get used to college! you likely end up seeing it as just another day! but congratulations! please, when you feel a little nervous, learn to say, Jesus I trust in You! if you make a habit of saying those words, and make a habit of offering it up to Jesus, then all things will become less scarey and more pleasant!


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