I Could Use Some Help...Trying To Generate Some Ideas For A Christian Superhero

I know this sounds crazy, and I am not quite sure where I should post this. But I am trying to come-up with an idea for a Superhero that children can identify with. I don’t think it will ever go that far, but I’d like to write some stuff and see what I can do. I have some ideas for storylines and things like that.

But I could really use some help coming up with a name that kids will really think is cool, but yet is still religion-based.

Sorry if this sounds confusing, but I would love to hear your ideas.

Crazier ideas have come out before…look at pet rocks!:wink:

But seriously, one enemy that your hero would have to fight is temptation. Each one of us has that fight, so if kids can identity with that, then that would be a valuable lesson. You superhero can get his power from Jesus’ cross, maybe just by seeing it, yourSuperhero defeats his enemies.

Christopher can be his first name since it has ‘Christ’ as part of his name.

I hope these ideas help you out!

Christopher is a great idea! His legend is a terrific story itself.

Evangelion, Avengelyn, Warrior Nun Areala, and Battle Pope are already taken.
The Crusaders is already taken by Jack Chick.

When I was still Protestant, I wrote a children’s musical drama that tells the story of Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan).

The lead character, Christian, is quite the hero, although he certainly undergoes his share of set-backs.

In my musical, the fight between Christian and Apollyon is very frightening. We hired a professional fight choreographer to choreograph the battle, and it was really neat!

If you haven’t read this classic give it a try. It’s very creative and will perhaps get your imagination going to help you create your character. I’ll warn you, there are some anti-Catholic places in the book.

But for the most part, the book has a more Catholic approach to Christianity than most Protestant stories because it uses the analogy of a “journey” to heaven.

In fact, my musical got me into trouble at my Protestant church because it included parts that were too “Catholic.” (e.g., the great cloud of witnesses).

“Battle Pope” is already taken? That has to be an interesting read! :slight_smile:

Here are my suggestions (some better than others). I just went through the Glossary of the Catechism and tried to make names of the coolest sounding words :o :
*]The Anathematizer
*]The Acolyte
*]The Chrismator
*]The Expiator
*]The Excommunicator
*]Filioque (This name might not be the best in reaching out to our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters, though)
*]Indulgence Man
*]The Reparator
*]Sensus Fidei

And the hero should have a superdog sidekick named “Doxology”. Oooh, or better yet, name the dog “Anathema”. (Anathema, sit! Good dog! :smiley: )

I would share my ideas but seeing that it’s for kids… I’ll hold my thoughts. My “superhero” is geared to older folks who love flawed characters.

I must applaud you for the idea. I love superheroes. Give Bibleman a run for his money.

My suggestion: Why not have him get powered by the sacraments… I just had a thought of Captain Marvel and the Wizard Shazam. Captain Marvel is powered by the Greek Gods… why not our Catholic superhero be powered by Sacraments?

Just please don’t so like the non-denom (formerly AOG) daycare which my children attend. Recently I had to help with getting the three of them settled for their Christmas pics there at the school. When I looked at the walls in the room where pics were being taken, they had biblical characters sketched in life size all with capes. Then, in the center of these was Jesus on the cross with a Superman-style outfit on with the words “Jesus, the ultimate superhero” written below it. :eek: I share the sentiment but the execution (no pun intended) was awful.

:rotfl: That’s actually a great idea - but right now my son is in a popeye kick and I keep seeing popeye in a tight spot sucking spinach through his pipe!

The Awesome Cross-A super-hero who battles demons after the rapture-he wears a cross necklace endowed with mystical powers! lol :rotfl:

To borrow from George C. Chesbro and his novels… he had a “hero” of sorts (a martial arts expert, Vietnam veteran, Special Forces, etc.) whose given name was Veil Kendry… but his code name in Laos was “Archangel”.

So your hero could be “Archangel”… code name “Michael”?

Something like that.

I’m horrible for laughing, but this reminded me of my days as an X-Men fan, when the zealous Storm fans would post ridiculous, fake battles between her and every other hero/villain in the universe, and have her trounce them in thoroughly illogical and improbable ways.

It got so stupid and annoying, that an exasperated fan posted a “Storm vs. Jesus” battle scenario (my favorite bit was when she summoned a typhoon to drown Him, but He just walked on the waves) that culminated in an apparent Storm victory, only to have Jesus rise from the dead and take her out with the nails from his cruxificion. Blasphemous? Probably, but it was hilarious, and won Jesus a lot of fans among the agnostic comic book crowd :wink:

From the list above, I don’t think The Acolyte is taken, but The Acolytes were Magneto’s followers for awhile. Nightcrawler from the X-Men was/is a deeply religious Catholic, went to mass, prayed all the time, including the rosary, led a moral life…I stopped reading before he became a priest/entered seminary. i don’t know how it turned out. Also from X-Men, Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) was a devout Presbyterian with an anti-Catholic prejudice, but when she got to know Catholics (Nightcrawler, Sunspot), she realized they were good people and a valid religion. it was a nice character arc.

There’s also a Catholic priest character in Marvel, Father Michael Bowen, from Cloak & Dagger. Very positive portrayal. He doesn’t have powers though.

Daredevil is Catholic, though fallen away (and his mother became a nun in later life) but it still impacts him greatly, and there are many Catholic “themes” in his booK

Good luck with your project, it sounds interesting :slight_smile:

Not exactly sure where you’re going with this, but we already have super heroes - the saints. Reading their stories is reading about super heros!! —KCT

How about two angels. One representing the Mercy of God **(bottom left) **…


… and another one representing the Justice of God (top right).

Interesting? Maybe, but I’ll pass.


Wow. Guess I stopped reading X-titles too soon. Sounds interesting indeed.

There are some names in there that actually suggest some interesting powers. What came to my mind:

Anamnesis: Able to take any event that someone remembers and make it present again.

Hypostasis: Able to merge himself with some someone else so that both persons are present in one body (the other of the two bodies goes into a coma-like state, and is thus vulnerable and must be protected somehow), with both sets of memories, knowledge, intelligence, emotions, abilities etc. but without losing their individuality. Many ways to modify that to introduce other weaknesses to preserve dramatic effect (e.g., if they stay merged too long, the persons tend to become mingled and harder to separate)

Indulgence Man: Escape artist, no jail can hold him! (or he can spring anyone else out of confinement) :slight_smile:

Proto-Evangelium: Given any situation (probably must be physically present), knows what preceded and caused it.

Maybe a team concept would work, with various people like above contributing?

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