I desire and discern to be a priest at 14


Yes, It is true.

I am a Catholic. My Parents are not.

It's hard to have a desire to be a priest at 14 and my parents aren't even Catholic.
My parents have not stopped or talked me away from it. My mom is more supportive than my dad.

My dad wants me to have grandchildren and carry on the family name. My mom told me she would rather me do something else, like a doctor or something.

And yes, I have really tried to think about other careers other than the priesthood. But ONE thought, and only ONE thought comes back to me.

I am every become one of those careers, I will NEVER be able to say "I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.", or "May these gifts become for us the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ!", or "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."

I do indeed feel like God is calling me to be a priest. I have talked to my priest about it, and he thinks I may have a calling and I should discern it out. But he isn't doing much since I just entered high school and have 3-4 more years of discerning before anything big happens about seminary.

What are your thoughts everyone about what I should do?


You should be active in your parish, pray a lot, and continue to discern with the help of your priest. Are you an altar server? That should be a must for you. You are young so you have to wait for a few years until even thinking about entering the seminary. It is great that your parents are not against it, especially since they are not Catholic.


It’s not unheard of for a young man to hear the first whispers of a vocation in his teens. As your priest if he can recomend a spritual advisor for you. Also, check you diocese’s vocations office. See if there is a program called Serra in your diocese. They offer discernment retreats and other activities aimed at high school and college aged boys who might have an interest in the priesthood.


Continue to live for God as you wait. I’m just a new Catholic but I remember hearing that some priests started earlier in High School preparatory school of sorts…??? Maybe that was long ago? Anyhow, as others have said, talk to your priest or continue searching online. (different orders of priests etc.) Use this time to learn more and more about your faith. It is not a suprise to have a calling early, some have calls earlier. Time will tell.


One more thing, I heard on the radio today of a Benedictine monk that knew a young man was knocking at their door and he purposefully did not answer for several days just to see the young man’s perseverance in his desire to enter.

Also, as for your family, when you are of age it will be your decision. If God truely wants you as a priest you will know then and be obedient to Him while praying for your family to understand. I know a priest who became a priest without the support of his family. He said it was hard but he wouldn’t have anything else.


That's kind of young to be a priest. How old are you now? :)


O_O … I’m not a priest. I am discerning to be a priest, and I am still 14.

Actually, I’m a few minutes older than I was when I posted it. :slight_smile:


This story really warms my heart! I don’t really have any advice other than to continue to pray earnestly about it.


Pray to St. John the Apostle. He was in his pre-teens when he was called by Christ and he lived to become the most important theologian in our faith. Pray that he may guide you and all those who are called at an early age such as he was.


halo. it is good that you have that desire at your very young age. you know, the calling to the priesthood starts with the simple attraction and inclination in whatever aspects to that kind of life. but remember, it should be tested through time. first you to enter the seminary as part of the process. and i know you have a lot of trials and difficulties to encounter, but if God really calls you, then you will be ordained to the priesthood. that time, you can see to yourself that God is really calling you. all i can say right now is simply: do all the means that you can enter the seminary so that you can start your formation process to the priesthood.

it is your life and your choice and hopefully you will find yourself and the meaning of your existence! God bless


My advice is to read a lot the teachings of the Church and read the Church fathers and the Bible. So you know a lot of the faith when you are ready to enter the seminary.


My advice is as follows:

Talk to the diocesan vocations director about your possible vocation. Go on retreats that are offered by the diocese for discerning vocations. And, get regular spiritual direction as soon as possible. In many of your other posts you talk about your serious scrupulosity. This is something that you MUST deal with before you even think about a vocation to religous life. So please get help for that.


Do what God wants you to do. I know this a really obvious answer, but it’s the one that works the best. :wink:


Just wondering, how can you be a Catholic at the age of 14 but you’re parents aren’t? Are they just inactive Catholics?


Benedicat tibi Dominus et custodiat te,
ostendat Dominus faciem suam tibi et misereatur tui,
convertat Dominus vultum suum ad te et det tibi pacem. (Liber Numerorum 6, 24-26)

Hi brother in Christ and my friend,
I completely and perfectly understand you and your problems. I have the same problems like you. My parents also want that I will become a doctor or a lawyer, they also want grandchildren … But I (and you) want(s) become a priest(s). Why is this so hard to understand? We want just serve to God.
Even my parents don´t attend a holy mass etc…

If God is calling us, He will take care of all. Don´t worry. We need just pray.

We’re approximately the same age, I also attend the high school - called Gymnasium in Europe.

God bless you,
I will pray for you and for your parents.

Brother in Christ,

Post Scriptum: Sorry, if I wrote somethink wrong.:slight_smile:


Both of you who want to be priests: please read a little about Saint Francis de Sales. Especially read about his early life. It’s only a few paragraphs, but it explains that he was in the same position. He also wanted to be a priest. But his father did not want him to, and only after much difficulty, finally he became one through perseverance! Thank God! So keep it in mind and pray always :slight_smile:


Hi JD,
I’m jealous. I tried to convert to become Catholic when I was 14 and my parent’s wouldn’t let me. So, I proceeded to make a mess of my life instead. Oh, well! I’m Catholic now and grateful.

If I had been able to convert at your age, I would most likely be a Sister right now, since that’s what I wanted. I’d say, trust those deep urgings and intuition. You have plenty of time for deeper discernment, so patience is important. As you grow older and learn more about yourself, you may discover things that challenge your initial calling. Or not. At least after waiting so long, you can be sure. I wish you all the best :slight_smile:


JD, you are in my prayers as well as everyone else who is discerning a vocation


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