I did a first today - genuflected

The Pastor spoke of it last week -
Today I followed through with it -
Genuflected before receiving the Eucharist by mouth.

I talked to someone before mass -
And he agreed that I should do it ( he does )
He said that the lack of reverence is hurting the Catholic Church today…
The reverence - is missing - inside of the church !
Well. That was enough for me -
Nervous - but the rhythm of it went smooth enough.


Given my medical condition and the damage done to my back and knees from athletics, I wish I could genuflect.
However, my standing at the reception of the Eucharist I see as legitimate in that Jesus said to all, “I no longer call you slaves, but friends…” I think He is comfortable with his friends standing in a reverential manner to receive him.
Please, if genuflecting before the Eucharist and your reception of it is most edifying to you, by all means continue. No criticism meant by this post.


i am glad gull genuflected; it is something that is reverential…

i am in joey’s club; i can’t do it anymore without making a spectacle of myself…


Good for you. It is what I do. Rather than bow, I genuflect before I receive the sacrament by mouth. I am honored and thankful to receive Christ’s Body.
I know there are many people who are physically unable to kneel, but those who can genuflect should. At least that is what I believe.

BTW did you know there is no no such thing as a “seagull”?

gull; yes

seagull; no

OP’s avatar is a gray backed gull; they wander far inland in search of food;

one stole a crab from my deck as i was getting ready to grill it

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In the layouts for the handful of modern RC Masses I’ve attended, there is nowhere to brace oneself (and support weight off the knees!) when reverencing before Reception. I can brace on the end of a pew when genuflecting, but . . .

A couple of summers ago, I attended RC Masses three days in a row–and my knees felt it by the end.

It has nothing to do with why I turned East, but my knees sure got better . . . :rofl:


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GIRM is enacted for a reason and so be it. If people want to genuflect, so be it too.

Just do not get into reverence / irreverence issue because genuflecting is a personal preference, not because standing is irreverence.


Hello and welcome to the Forums @JackMcCoy :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear that athletics has harmed you in such a way - were you a pro-player ?

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I did play professional golf for a short time and worked as a golf professional for a couple years. But the damage was done playing high school and some college football and basketball.
Thanks for the kind words.

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There’s no such thing as a starfish or jellyfish, either. And Pluto is apparently out of favor as a planet. Some of us are just old and set in our ways.

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I bow. Where the Eucharist is received at the abbey, there is no place to hold onto to prop one’s self back up. With osteoarthritis causing sciatica, a hand-hold is essential. I appear fit, and I am; I’m a young 60 and ride my road bike several thousand kilometres per season, and it helps, but does not cure, the problem.

The reason I write this is to say bluntly, that whether someone does or does not genuflect is not the true mark of a person’s reverence. We shouldn’t assume because someone doesn’t that they are irreverent.

As the Western population ages thanks to a low birth rate and a high abortion rate, we need to accept that the number of people incapable of these sorts of gestures will be on the rise.

It’s why threads like this bother me.


Rueben_J, it is the option of the person receiving communion.
I don’t want to play the reverent/irreverent game. I simply believe that genuflecting, for those who are physically able, is a good thing.
For those who want to bow, more power to you.


Thanks for the welcome, Greenfields!

What’s the difference between genuflecting and tebowing?

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Amen to that .


The difference - one is a Catholic Church gesture -
The other - Tim Tebow - being NFL cool :sunglasses:

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