I did it--I canceled my cable tv!

That’s scary–I’ve never lived without cable! But this was just too much smut coming in on normal cable channels and quite frankly, I found myself too tempted to watch it. I finally decided I didn’t want to support an industry like that.

God bless you! I have often considered it, but I haven’t had the guts…you rock!! :bowdown:

Good for you! I’ve been without cable for about 2 years now and I love it! (Well, except during football season. :p) You will be amazed at how much extra time you will find without the distraction! :thumbsup:

I’m so sorry…how sad

Viva la Cable:)

Why is it sad that the OP has decided that she has better things to do with her time and money than spending it on TV?

Is that what it is?

Still sad to give up cable…I see good programing…on cable…

why would cable or otherwise mean you spend all your time in front of tv?

of course if that is your temptation perhaps its understandable:shrug:

Outstanding!! So happy for you! I’ve been without cable for about 10 years. I don’t miss it a bit.

Life begins when you step away from the television. :smiley:


Agree - sometimes. Thank goodness for EWTN, History, Discovery and PBS children’s programming. Without them, there’d be precious little television we’d find worth watching.

I didn’t say *all *of her/my time. While there are benefits to watching certain programming, including the benefits of occasionally being entertained without being offended and/or disgusted, there’s certainly better things to do with time and/or money than watching TV.

Not in the least (for our family, anyways). In fact, we watch so little of it that I’ve thought of canceling it myself. But, I’d miss EWTN too much.

We don’t get EWTN on our basic cable. You have to buy a super expensive package.

I love to watch the Food Network, HGTV, Comedy Channel and Oxygen (only the Snapped series, though. They have some pretty bad stuff on there, too.) But I used to watch Nip/Tuck quite regularly and didn’t think anything about it. Then last night I started to lapse into watching it again but I snapped myself out of it and turned it off after five minutes. But it is basically soft-core porn. Then I thought about the shows I watch on HGTV and some of them really promote excess consumerism. And alot of the stuff on the Comedy Channel is quite blasphemous, even though I don’t watch that; But watching anything on it all still supports the channel.

I know personally the more time I spend watching tv the less time I spend on prayers. So I think it will be good.

Congratulations on your decisions. I know it is hard - I have been living without Cable for 2 years now and I currently have only one channel to watch news.

If you have internet and fast connection, you can read news online and watch EWTN online too.

a good thing :thumbsup: :clapping: i dropped cable almost 10 years ago.
welcome to the club :smiley:
i’m almost ready to get rid of my TV but i do watch movies once in awhile :shrug:

Is it just me, or are the commercials often worse than the programs themselves? It’s gotten to the point where I prefer to watch sporting events only after the children have gone to bed.

when people talk about commercials these days, i have no idea what they are talking about. nor do i care :shrug: :smiley:

The little ears of my children don’t need to hear old men having the types of discussions they have on commercials these days (and I’m not talking about the sharp-dressed middle-aged guy who’s trying to convince us all to refinance with Countrywide Mortgage).

We downgraded awhile ago to basic cable, and we keep that strictly for the Weather Channel ( for storm information) and EWTN ( which is 90% if the little TV watching we do)

Fortunately, our cable provider has both of those in it’s basic package.

We hooked a Media Center PC up to theTV instead and ripped all our CD’s on to the hard drive. So when the TV is on at all, it’s mostly just playing music.

Oh yea, we don’t get a good signal from our local Catholic radio, so I’ve go an internet connection to the media center, so we can listen over the internet.

We can only hear WDEO if we’re in the car, which isn’t very often. So I usually record streaming audio from their website and listen to them on my iPod.

And your viewing habits sounds a bit like ours. We used to watch all the time, but as the children have gotten older, and as we started homeschooling, we’ve found we don’t have much time, and what time is left, we prefer to spend on more productive activities.

Congratulations!!! Now there’s more room for God and real beauty. Many blessings to you.

To me, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report are worth the cost of cable. Getting clear reception of Nova and Frontline is an added bonus.

Without cable, how many channels do you have now? I would miss Lifetime for sure. lol (and the wedding channel):slight_smile: I don’t know if I could do it. :blush: But, congrats to you for doing it–and if that is what you wanted to do–that is all that matters. (also, you’ll save like $100 per month probably!!)

I only have our basic stations, C-SPANs & the home shopping networks. And actually the cost only went down about $10.00–I was getting a discount rate on my cable because it was bundled with the Internet. Now that I don’t get cable, my Internet price went up. BUT I still think it is worth it, to not have the temptations AND and not support the filth the stations are putting out.

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