I DID it my new friends!

I gave my RCIA form to the Priest, he handed it to a Nun (kind lady, sweet spirit, from Poland) she handles RCIA, anyway, my wife and I sat with her, she explained things and gave me our schedule, I begin 9:00 Sunday!:smiley:

Man! I can’t believe no one is pumped! I am SO hurt! Even my Presbyterian wife is happy for me!:crying:

Gratz! I’m pumped for you and you and your family are in my prayers.

God Bless,


You must be on :heaven: nine.

Did you start today?

No, I just me with the Sister who directs RCIA at my Church, I have my first REAL class next week!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:slight_smile: Congrats!!! God Bless you on your journey! :bounce:

Happy Happy!:slight_smile: :wave:

How wonderful!!! God Bless you on your journey home. I am a graduate of RCIA (1995) and let me tell you… that’s just the beginning. There is so much to learn and room to grow. Don’t burn out or get frustrated… it takes a lifetime sometimes! The faith is SO rich, SO beautiful… there is just layer upon layer of treasure here to explore! Please keep us informed and let us share in your joy!!


:harp: :dancing: :bounce: :extrahappy: :cool: :clapping: :harp:


~~ the phoenix

Sorry for the delay, just got on the net a few minutes ago. I swam the Tiber last year and am actually repeating RCIA this year again, not because I am remedial, but had started a poor version of RCIA and switched churches halfway through, so I am going for a refresher and to find out what I missed last year.

WELCOME!!! :thumbsup:

Do you know when she plans to start RCIA?

It’s a joyous occasion, for sure! (Welcome to the club:D )

Yahoo! I am a teacher. Small parish but we have 15 that will cross the Tiber.

Good luck…

I am pumped for you! :thumbsup: God Bless!!

Good for you!
Tell us all how it’s going.:thumbsup:

God bless you! Where are you in Texas? :slight_smile:

Congrats! Of course we’re excited for you!!! You will have an exciting and hopefully blessed journey.

(Havent’ had a chance to post in the last few days due to a wee visitor to Houston named Ike. :wink: )

Good luck!

I started last week–we’ll be walking the walk “together”!

Congratulations!!! I know how you feel, when I signed up for RCIA my brother was the only one that cared…or so I thought until I started the classes!!!

This is the first I’ve seen of this post.
I am so happy for you!!!

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