i did it! =)

**to everyone that was “following” me,:wink:
i did it!
i made an appt with a priest at our local parish. i went yesterday, and confessed my yucky sins, and went back to mass this morning! i feel so happy to have finally received Holy Communion again <3 Thank you everyone for your prayers <3
it has been a LONG time since i’ve been to mass regularly. probably a good 20 years :eek: i’m really looking forward to it…
thank you again xo


Welcome home! I am so happy for you. God Bless!

**thanks johnny! me too!
aww, welcome home,
that’s so great :slight_smile:


God bless you, Meg! Welcome home! :extrahappy:

:extrahappy: !!!

Praise be to God!

Our Lord is so merciful and loving.

He truly is :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

o thats wonderful :smiley: God bless!!!

Good Job!

God bless you and keep you away from sin.


You go Meg!! The only one happier than you is Jesus himself:)!

**thanks everybody!! you’re all so sweet <3 <3 <3


All of the angels rejoice on this day! Your Mother in heaven smiles upon you! And mercy is triumphant!

Way to go, Meg!

what a glorious picture in my mind : ))))))

Hey good job and welcome back ! On Divine Mercy Sunday I both went to confession and received Holy Communion after 7 years.

How did your confession go? Were you able to let everything out ? I was not able to say all my sins due to time constraints.

**hi :slight_smile: congratulations on your return also! funny we were on the same day :slight_smile:

my confession went well. i didnt remember everything but got out the important stuff. when you dont get everything out, and you didnt do it on purpose, and the priest says that you are absolved of all your sins, you are actually absolved of all of them right? it seems right…:confused:"


yes you are. It happened to me that after the Priest absolved me I remembered another sin and I was like: “Oh…and I forgot to say…” he didn’t absolve me a second time though, so I asked if I was still good. And he said yes, I was absolved of all of them.

I am so happy for you! :slight_smile:

That is correct.

thank you! :slight_smile: i thought that made sense…


:dancing: :dancing:


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