"I did something today I am proud of" Thread


Have you ever done something that you are really proud of, during the day, but don’t have someone there (even if for the moment) you want to share it with?

This isn’t an exercise in sinful Pride but rather really focusing on the things we do right! :wink:

Today I completed a research project for my job that took me two weeks and I did a better job than I thought I could!

So, there is mine. I think a “pat on the back” is a great thing, especially from people we share our faith with!

If no one responds…then I guess this thread will be something I am not proud of today. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that this thread is a great idea.

I did not do much today and it seems to be more frustrating of a day than one that I am proud of, however, I was able to go into work in the peace and quiet and finish up a project that I had been working on that needs to be reviewed on Monday.

Great idea for this thread! :thumbsup:


**I can’t think of anything I would be especially proud of today, but I don’t want this thread to die because I like the idea!



I’m enjoying this thread…I haven’t been especially nice today so I don’t have anything to share:blush:


I did actually receive a compliment from my husband on this accomplishment, but I’ll share anyway. I made a really nice chicken dinner tonight. Rotisserie chicken and green beans, with mashed potatoes and gravy (I don’t usually go to the trouble of gravy). I also made a nice jug of iced tea which we had with dinner.

Congrats to LynnieLew & Mirror Mirror who finished their work projects!


Today I launched the children’s reading program at the family-owned Christian bookstore where I work. I did all the work myself, from the design of the program to registering each child. I signed up between thirty and forty kids today, and I expect to sign up at least that many more in the next two weeks.

I also helped a dear older lady order a couple scapulars for herself :smiley:


I went to Confession, finally…so tomorrow I can recieve Communion for the first time in six months!!!

That makes me happy, because it took a long time to get up the courage to go. Praise God for bravery!!! :knight2:

And great idea for this thread!


Great idea! I think with some encouragement we can make these accomplishments into habits! DH and I walked for 3 hours today, and said the rosary together. It felt great!


Bee Sweet,
Sounds yummy! Can you come over tomorrow to my house to make the same thing???:slight_smile:

I thought of this thread because by the end of the day I always think of my faults. There is nothing wrong with be proud of ourselves…God has given us great gifts.

Keep them coming!


I vacuumed and cleaned…bought my dh a father’s day gift…so, I was happy about that…:slight_smile:

Cleaning is definitely not one of my strong suits…there should be a backpatting smiley for that!:smiley:

Cute thread!!!


I rode my bike 55 miles. Previous long ride this year was 34 miles. I’m hoping to ride my age (61) before my birthday, since I won’t have access to my bike on my birthday.

Also, I didn’t let not hearing from my wife since she left for Cheyenne Fri AM bother me. That says something for me. (Turns out something on the flight fried her cellphone)


I saved a squirrel that was drowning in a swimming pool. :thumbsup:

I tried to put a St. Francis medal on him but he ran away.:smiley:


I cleaned my whole house yesterday and planned birthday celebrations all this weekend, in anticipation of my ILs coming and the four birthdays of SweetGirlOne, SweetGirlsDaddy, Boppa and Papa (my Dad and DH’s) in ADDITION to being prepared for Father’s Day! I feel terrific for planning so well for my immediate and extended families. :slight_smile:


I didn’t do anything special today,but this is a great thread, congrats Lynnie and Mirrow for the finished projects. Eliza that is so great you went to confessions!:thumbsup:


Well, I guess I can be proud of the fact that I finally got our guest room (which doubles as my second attic but isn’t supposed to :smiley: ) cleaned out. But I really can’t be that proud because this is the fourth time I’ve had to clean it out. I keep telling dh that “I’ll never let it get this messy again!” and then I let it get that messy again. So really, I should just be ashamed of myself. :o


I am proud that I helped the children make something for Daddy instead of going out and buying a bunch of “stuff”. THey were so proud to give a handpainted birdhouse to Daddy.


AWW! That’s so sweet! Good job! Love the St. Francis Medal part, too funny!


Today I went for a long ride on the purple trains and then I went into the Phoenix park and saw some squirrels and I went into the zoo just in time to see the new elephants!They are lovely!


I didn’t do it today, but a couple days ago.

I said “no” to food.

I’m in Weight Watchers and so far I have lost 63 pounds. A couple days ago I said “no” to the Doritoes that were screeming at me:)


wow, keep up the good work!! :thumbsup:

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